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Highlights of the Knight - sWord Fight Promo (May 11, 2018)

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Azriel: I'm Azriel Johnson, founder and director of writing knights
as many of you know I've been looking for a way to make the poetry scene more vibrant and more appealing to the casual observer
I think I've finally come up with a way to blow the roof off of the poetry scene


Azriel: Uh oh

Skylark: you're going to need more volume

Daria: I have this on full blast and it's not loud enough.
We're going to have to work on this budget okay, this is not going to be enough for the sound
you do realize mardi gras was in february

Azriel: I forgot, I'm not even catholic

Daria: So, you're going to introduce me right?

Azriel: Yeah, everyone welcome Daria Quinn

Daria: So, you know this whole blow the roof off of the poetry thing, see for a long time now, we've had a hard time with the attendance, we've got what, 12 people here? this is actually good for one of these shows and we've got to do something about it. Who better to do something about this than me, Daria Quinn, Writing Knight, queer feminist, all around creative genius.

JM: Okay white Kanye

Daria: Excuse me

JM: Dial down the ego, you're gonna save poetry?

Daria: I am, well it needs saved from something otherwise everyone's gonna fall asleep

JM: I think we're doing fine, we don't need you

Daria: You see this? This says, I'm better than you

JM: Actually it says Chris Jericho

Daria: You wanna come up here and say poetry's just fine, maybe you should prove it

JM: Let me draw you
a Venn Diagram:
This circle represents the sum total of my beeswax.
It’s solid, most of it.
Some of it, not so much.
All of it is mine.
This circle,
way over here,
is your beeswax.
Notice how the circles do not overlap.
We are not beeswax partners.
We are not in beeswax together.
We are not even in the same beeswax separately.
Yours is your own.
Mine is mine.
So why are you all up in my beeswax?
Got your nose tilted up in the air
looking down on my beeswax?
I did not invite you to poke, sniff, lick
or otherwise analyze my beeswax.
I don’t crowdsource my beeswax criticism.
But as long as we’re talking shop,
lemmie say this:
I handle my beeswax.
My honey is golden and sweet.
My hive is healthy.
You need not worry about me.
My beeswax is good.
You, on the other hand.
I can see from here
your honey is dim and almost burnt orange.
Your hive is on the brink of colony collapse.
You should worry
because none of that is good for beeswax.
I would suggest you take preventive measures
In short, mind your own,
tend your garden, as they say.
But I won’t meddle any further.
As I said before,
my beeswax
is none of yours.

Daria: There used to be a heart in here
When words were said they held their meaning
Nowadays words fall like rain
Nothing is said and no one's listening
They're all too busy chasing miley or bitching about Kanye West
They never take time to notice that art is dead
and we all killed it
We used to create works of passion
Songs and pictures that convey feelings
I can't believe we have fully lost that
But I don't believe that art is dead

Azriel: Let's give it up for Daria Quinn and JM Romig.
So that was a preview of what we're going to try to do. Writing Knights on July 13th will present their first sWord Fight.

Crowd: It'll be better in Writing.

Azriel: Anyway, our first competition will be JM Romig VS Daria Quinn, JM Romig
Anyone interested in competing should let me know.

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