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Grand and Meaty Occurrences - This Joust In Vol 1 Issue 5

Writing Knights is busy this summer!

We are conducting our first ever sWORD FIGHT July 13, then the NEXT DAY, July 14, Writing Knights will be represented as part of the Ohio Meatgrinder Slam in Columbus, OH.

Meatgrinder is described as:

Workshop, bouts, finals, after party. All in one day

You can visit the site here to get the what's up from Louise Robertson and Scott Woods, the founders of Meatgrinder.

Writing Knights sent a team to the last two Meatgrinders and while we didn't win or place, that's not the point. The point, truly IS the poetry when it comes to Meatgrinder. 

We are looking for two more people to join Azriel Johnson and Skylark Bruce. You don't need to be of any particular skill set other than have the willingness to go up on stage and perform your best, most out of the box work.

We might even try to work in some group pieces. That is to be determined by how much time we have to practice.

Later in July, the 27th & 28th we are moving full force into the Grand Showcase and Marketplace in downtown Canton. All of our programs are full, so we are now looking to get some amazing performers into our all day open mic on the 28th.

Our Open Mic List as it stands is here.

The open mic will be an important part of the day as it will give new people exposure to words they might not have expected otherwise, so we are looking for people of diverse backgrounds and experiences to share themselves with our marketplace walkers.

Open mic performers will also be the first people we ask to fill in if someone has to cancel their performance slot during the main shows. 

While you're here, check out the other links on our site. We have a bunch of new releases as well as submission calls in progress and coming up.

Sit, stay a while, explore.

Azriel Johnson 
Director of Writing Knights Press

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