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Writing Knights is Seeking Reviews

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Writing Knights is looking to get our books reviewed. ALL of our books, including books long ago published and forgotten to most.

Below are the guidelines we are trying to follow, yes they seem stringent, but this is an experiment to see what this format can do for our sales. 

Compensation: $10/review AND 20% on net sales after the review is posted. Plus you get to read free poetry/fiction books. 

Written: About 500 Words (about 100 words for Fourplays)
Video: about 5 minutes (about 1 minute for Fourplays)

These video reviews are meant to make people want to purchase the books so they will need to be positive. If you do not feel positive about the book read, pass on it. No harm done.
Reviews should be about 80% content driven and 20% sales driven.  The following will help you parse out how to put the video together.

Build rapport
- compliment the audience or tell a joke or relatable anecdote

After building rapport, you can now give recommendations
- Talk about the result of the product (how the book will make the audience feel)

Demonstrate the result and the product
- read/recite an excerpt which exemplifies the feeling

You're really selling yourself and the product is just a part of it
- convey the emotional state the book puts you into, assert certainty. no uncertain language.

Be congruent with what you're saying
- be genuine in that certainty. enthusiasm even in somber emotions. if you feel the product is amazing let that feeling come through.

Interested reviewers email: Subject Line: "Writing Knights Book Review"

If you want to review our books, but do not want to follow the format below, you can contact us here: subject line: "Independent Book Review" and review them how you want. 
Send us a list of up to 5 books from the list and we will send a PDF of the book(s) you want to review.
click Read More to see our list of books for which we need reviews. 

Titles closer to the top have higher priority, but we want to get reviews on all titles eventually 
If inquiring about reviews, Additonal Reviews - Yes, open for inquiry; No, not open for inquiry.

TitleClaimed/UnclaimedAdditional Reviews?
Clouds in the CornerClaimedNo
The Good, The Bad, The LorraineClaimedNo
Fully FormedClaimedNo
500 Cleveland HaikuUnClaimedYes/No
Heroes Villains DeathUnClaimedYes/No
The Halcyon CodeClaimedNo
FourPlay #28: The Body Sings ElectricUnClaimedYes/No
FourPlay #27: Birth Life Death ForeverUnClaimedYes/No
FourPlay #25: Deliver Us into the DarkUnClaimedYes/No
The Black GodUnClaimedYes/No
My Medicine CabinetUnClaimedYes/No
young and unadornedUnClaimedYes/No
Seventeen MonologuesUnClaimedYes/No
Something from NothingUnClaimedYes/No
Reading Backwards Through the YellowUnClaimedYes/No
A Character StudiesUnClaimedYes/No
Beach Dweller ManifestoUnClaimedYes/No
Additional Titles Listed SoonUnClaimedYes/No

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