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Post Showcase Plans - This Joust In Vol 1 Issue 6

For all of you who came to the Grand Showcase 2018, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The videos should all be up on the Youtube Page and eventually we will get videos posted here so casual fans can check things out. If you're a video editor who wants to do some freelance work, hit me up, I've got a lot on my plate as far as that goes.

The Grand Showcase went off with a few hitches, but in general was a good time to be had by all.

We conducted a sWord Fight between Daria Quinn and Franchessca Fallucco which was awesome (video to come) and served as a precursor for Daria to face Finn this Friday (August 10) at Take the Knight Off.

In the future we have some plans in the brainstorming phase to offer a little bit more than just vendors and performances.

(subject to change)

We want to have classes going on during the days, the classes would be writing based and performance based.

We have a couple different locations (same as this past event) so hopefully we'll be able to get them again, or close approximates.

We want to get a hold of more vendors next year. We didn't get as many as we were hoping for. We will try harder and longer. :)

We are thinking about a fee for the weekend or people can pay piecemeal for the different aspects they want to participate in. We don't want to charge, but we also don't want to go into debt to do this.

In the evenings, we want to have some stellar performances so we'll be looking and observing how people perform at our upcoming features.

We will ALSO be bringing back the Grand Tournament next year in our original format (since our changing it up didn't work out this year).

More to come on this front.

Additionally, we have multiple copies left of the Grand Showcase 2018 litmag.


We have multiple banners left over from the event if anyone who attended wants a piece of history. Email or message one of us on Facebook.

Thank you for reading!

Azriel Johnson
Director of Writing Knights

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