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"Hungry 4 Words" Food Drive November 9, 2018 & Submission Guidelines

Writing Knights in association will be coordinating poetic releases to raise money, awareness and nonperishable food for the Canton Sunday Picnic!

VENUE: Makeshift Makerspace
DATE: November 9, 2018
TIME: 7pm - 9pm
Offering: Food Drive 4 Play for 2 items of food (list pending) or $5
Offering: Limited run of Food Drive 4 play I, II each for $5 and III for $7 or ($15 for all three) each or 1 can of food each

FEATURES: Gabriel Ricard
          Want to feature? Email 
          Subj: "I want to feature at Hungry 4 Words"
sWord Fight: Daria Quinn vs Eva Graves
sWord Fight: Kara Fallucco vs ??? (what is a sWord Fight?

Facebook Event Here


          October 15, 2018

Email Address:

Email Subject:
          "Hungry 4 Words - Pen Name"

Email Body:
          Pen Name - Legal name; Email address; Titles of Pieces.

Email attachment:
          Up to 4 pieces. A piece consists of: 30 lines or less of poetry; or 200 words or less of prose (fiction or nonfiction); or 1 black and white word related image (an image that depicts words). You can submit a combination of any of these.
          1 black and white author image.
          25-50 words answering the question: Why Do I Write?
          *NOTE* DOC or DOCX files accepted (do NOT link to your GoogleDrive, we will ignore the submission).
          *NOTE* Images should be JPG or PNG and should be 300 dpi. Lower quality images will not show up well.
          If there are any issues with the file format, contact Writing Knights before submitting.

          We will accept either 4 pieces or 8 pieces total depending on the quality of the work (probably not more than one per person). Not every piece will be accepted.

Simultaneous Submissions:
          Accepted, but please let us know if it has been submitted elsewhere.  We prefer new pieces.

Length of Publication:
          We will print maximum of 2 runs of 50, if the first run of 50 sells out, we will produce the second.

          1 free author copy. Additional copies at $2.50 plus shipping (we're trying to raise money for a cause).

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