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BEST OF THE KNIGHT 2018 #1 - LIFE by Daria Quinn


From FourPlay #27 "BIRTH LIFE DEATH FOREVER" by Daria Quinn

Dress rehearsals are for amateurs
Life is a stage and you are a player
The main character of the story that is your life
And the genre of your story is as ill-defined as your character
Your life has no discernible plot
And you're often not even the focus
The best lines always go to someone else
And lucky you, you don't even get a script
You have to improvise your way
through this mess of a play called life
And you have to do it live, every night,
With a new scenario every single time until the day you die

If your life was a book, it'd be practically unreadable
Assembled together by a team of incompetent writers
Only one of which gets to be you
No proofreader, no editor, no publisher, no distributor
You might have a dozen readers, at best
And they only read the good chapters
“Hey, look at me, I'm a novel that nobody reads!”
Because no one wants to read books,
They wait for it to be made into a movie
A movie that's about as faithful to the source material
As your ex-girlfriend who left you during pre-production
To pursue her career as the leading lady
in someone else's studio feature
Your novel sucked, the movie's even worse
And you can't escape any of this
Because this is your life
And you only get one take
Because dress rehearsals are for amateurs

Please note: Best of the Knight is not a ranking of the top 10 pieces, just a selection of such.

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