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Birthday Chapbook Contest -- Shortlist!!

Theydies and Gentlethems!

At long last we have the shortlist announcements ready for the Birthday Chapbook Contest.

As you know, we had originally set forth 5 categories for judgment, but unfortunately only three categories were submitted for with more than 1 competitor, those being Men, Women and Mental Illness.  Further unfortunates came when one of the two submissions for Mental Illness then bowed out before we could bring the shortlist to you all.

That left us with just the Men and Women categories for judgment.

Our Shortlist is:
Women: Christine Kansy, Barbara A Meier and Sara Minges.
Men: Mark Mitchell, Casey Krysztofik and Kevin Hoskinson.

We will make the decision of the one Woman entry and one Men entry on 2nd Friday June. Those winners will get a limited edition release with Writing Knights with option of more.

Thanks to everyone who sent their work in and we hope to see you all watching us June 14!


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