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I See Things are Falling
From the Book:
          “A friend of mine got drunk one night and the next day her boyfriend told her that she got into a fight with the neighbor in the downstairs apartment. Just look at your face, he said.          You have bruises around your eyes. Sure enough, she saw bruises. She went downstairs, beat up her neighbor, then later looked into the mirror, to see nothing there, only what her boyfriend wanted her to see.”
The Way We Were
“Crystal Lane Swift and J.C. Jones create a stirring conversation through poetry: a quest for love, connection, and how to best grow into harmonious individuals in such reckless times.”
          — Rich Ferguson, Push Cart Nominated Poet
As the Cannons 
and Muskets Roar
As the Cannons and Muskets Roar is the second chapbook from Walter Beck; abandoning politics and protest for a look at the field of Civil War re-enacting with his off-beat, often humorous voice and a pen as sharp as the bayonet on the end of an 1853 Enfield musket.
In the Beginning and the End
In the Beginning and the End is my first printed collection of poetry. It delves into important memories of family, the metaphysical aspects of our lives and the sensational senses. It explores a wide range of artistic influences including science, math, nature, and the aesthetic. It is my hope that you may find something within these pages that stimulates and intrigues.
People Are Shadows
Poems etched in lost rooms, scrawled in loneliness, twisted in bitterness. Poems for lost girls, their faces haunting, flicking up against the lampshade. Poems that drip down the walls like agony. Poems left to burn in the night. And poems for shadows, and the people like them, coz people are shadows.
100 Voices
100 Voices is the culmination of the work done by the poetry/literary arts co-op of the summer 2012 ArtWorks program provided by Young      Audiences of Northeast Ohio.  The poetry apprentices conducted interviews with adults in the Cleveland area who were currently working through life crises such as unemployment, homelessness, or drug and alcohol addiction.  Many of the works in this chapbook are a result of these conversations; others come from the apprentice’s exploration of other personal experiences or ideas.  This book is a study in the struggles of the other and ourselves and making sure that they are all given a voice.
Cannibal Sunflowers 
and Van Gogh's Ear
Cannibal Sunflowers and Van Gogh's Ear is a throwback to the Beat Generation (the cover is a piece created by Allen Ginsberg 8 months before his death and given to Catfish). After 3 years G.I. Joe, Catfish hopped freights & hitchhiked across the U.S. & Mexico. He built adobe houses, tamed wild horses, made cattle troughs, worked in a zinc smelter, & painted flag poles. He lived in a cave & wintered in a Chevy in Denver. Catfish ended at the post office in Milwaukee, a catfish farm is next...
if the moon was right
Marc Mannheimer's impetus behind writing “if the moon was right”was to compose a poetic autobiography. From a Charlie Brown childhood to late-teen psychiatric indigestion and a Renaissance in his prime, this book just about covers it all.
up against the firing squad
the poems, written between 2008 and 2012, attempt to capture fluctuations in the human psyche of a man in his mid-20s. sometimes they're dark, sometimes they're light, but they're always honest & hope to prove that however bleak it appears, we're always in control, life is what we make it—
I Write the Colors
I Write the Colors is an anthology 
of over 50 years of creativity
and the love of writing
Myths and Other Misdemeanors
A Mistress of the Mind,
Mistress Rosie will Ensnare you
in the Wicked Web she weaves
Life Through Broken Pens
Life Through Broken Pens is the debut chapbook of Hoosier poet Walter Beck; in his hands, the pen or the mic is a weapon as sharp as a straight razor. As the author stated: "I want my work to have all the explosive feeling of a shot of straight Everclear."
Masha Allah: Part Two
Masha Allah: Part Two is the second of two parts following a transgender Muslim Man looking for his place in the world.
Bad Ink
Bad Ink, a chapbook by Cleveland Area poet Dianne Borsenik, is in turns shocking, erotic, irreverent, witty, and wise. Unafraid to tackle such issues as misogyny, intimacy, aggression, lust, conformity, and religious fundamentalism, she "litters the floor with sawdust verses" in this new collection of "bad ink".
Writing Knights Press 
2011 Anthology 
Since April 2011, Writing Knights Press has gathered the best and brightest poets from around the Cleveland Area, the United States and even the World!
MPs, Snipers and Crime 
Wow! David Pointer has done it again. This time he gives us, MPs, Snipers and Crime, a great read that also happens to be a historical document.
Personal Myths 
The poems in Howie Good's chapbook Personal Myths contain scenes, characters and plot, but the relationship among these traditional components of narrative is often frayed and strange. Good is less interested in telling what happened than in telling how what happened felt. The images in his poems are maps to areas of thoughts and feelings untraceable by other means. The poems proceed not by linear logic, but by the elusive logic of dreams, especially disturbing dreams.
Masha Allah: Part One 
Masha Allah: Part One is the first of two parts following a transgender Muslim Man looking for his place in the world.
Garage on the Edge of Town
Nothing can prepare you for the relentless perversion and brutality of Craig Scott's Garage on the Edge of Town. This collection eviscerates the notion of what poetry is and shoves the remnants of its bloody carcass down your throat. Read if you dare.

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