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Anonymous STD Testing

Sexually transmitted disease testing is important. Unfortunately with the amount of data leak that exists in today’s society it is often important to keep your testing anonymous. Anonymous STD Testing can be important, especially when dealing with a job that requires your face to be out in public. If you are involved in public dealings you have to worry about people who might be enemies trying to spread your dirty laundry. Anonymous STD testing can also be useful for persons not in the public eye. Sometimes you just want to keep your business as your business.

You can have sexually transmitted disease testing done anonymously through mail. Reputable companies provide you with the necessary devices to acquire the sample on your own and mail it to the company who does the test quickly. Your name isn’t attached to these tests and you are provided with a code number when your test results are ready. The labs used will only know you as a specimen number and nothing more and when you retrieve your results no one will be the wiser.

To be sure that you are choosing the right company you should contact them with some questions about their practices. Maybe ask if they have a good track record concerning their samples. Ask if your name would be put on the specimen, requisition forms or the report in any sense. If they say yes, you might want to avoid that particular agency. The only time you should have to worry about your results being reported is in the case of states that require positive results be reported to applicable state and federal health agencies.

Many State and Federal agencies offer sexually transmitted disease testing services as well. In states that require the reporting of positive results, this can limit the amount of people who have access to this particular information. Your anonymity will unfortunately be put at risk when it comes to the idea of public record, but for the most part your secret will be safe if you do happen to have an STD.

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