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Samsung LED 60 inch TV

The Samsung 60 inch LED TV is packed with features which can make the viewer’s experience more than they had ever hoped for. The AllShare feature syncs with the user’s digital devices allowing them to enjoy music, movies and even photos from the multiple computers, camera and mobile devices. The Samsung set is only 1.18” deep. It comes with a sturdy stand or an optional wall hanger. The TV can fit anywhere there is wall space and leave room for other electronic equipment or furniture.

The Auto Motion Plus feature smoothes out frame to frame motion on the screen. The TV calculates the image and inserts it. This creates an even, blur-free, transition from one frame to the next. The Samsung 60 inch LED TV is equipped to handle Full HD 1080p. With 1,920 vertical lines crossing the 1,080 horizontal lines, it is hard to find sharper or clearer images. The smooth motion on screen makes for a more realistic picture.

The Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio sharpens details on the image making them feel like they will pop off of the screen. The Samsung shows images as they are truly meant to be seen, from the darkest darks to the brightest lights. The sky looks amazing. The Ultra Clear Panel absorbs light from around the room and reduces reflections. This makes colors more vibrant, enhancing contrast and deepening dark colors. The smart light sensor measures the intensity of surrounding light and automatically adjusts the screens brightness. If the surrounding light is bright, the picture is brighter, if the room is darker, the intensity is lowered.

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