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Caminar is a non profit agency which serves San Mateo County, Solano County and Butte County, California. For over 49 years this agency has been providing mental health services for adults with mental illness. Caminar supports each individual through their recovery process with a personalized approach to achieve their goals. The agency collaborates with each client to create a personalized plan for recovery with the focus being on life skills, vocational training and educational goals as well as coping mechanisms when life seems too hard. Caminar helps to empower clients to overcome and learn to live with their illness through self determination and personal growth.

Adults who suffer from mental illness have a harder time adjusting to living in society. With mental health services provided by Caminar, people with mental illnesses find daily successes building towards recovery. One of the goals is to provide support for successful independent living and societal integration for all of their clients. The goal is growth for the client. Establishing regular routines is the highest priority. These routines include: taking medication, emotional management, cooking, social skills, and budgeting skills.

Caminar provides mental health services which use the integrated approach to health, wellness and recovery. Everyone’s needs are individual. There is no blanket program which will work for everyone. Individualized care is what sets the staff at Caminar apart from other agencies. In many cases when companionship is needed, the Caminar staff can provide. With guidance and counseling the client can develop and maintain skills taught during therapy or treatment and learn to use these skills in every day life. Psychosocial rehabilitation services provided by Caminar are comprehensive and designed to develop domestic skills involving the care of the home environment. Keeping an orderly life is just one step on the ladder to keeping an orderly mind.

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