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Get ready for a brand new app that will crack your friends and family up every time. PicBomb (from Mind Matter Games Inc) allows you to “drop” speech and thought bubbles into your pictures or allows you to take new pictures with the bubbles already included. This is a great way to socialize with friends, family, coworkers and complete strangers. PicBomb photos can be shared with your friends of Facebook, your followers on Twitter and your contacts via multimedia message.
If you are using the iPad you can send these images via email. Also, iPad users can use PicBomb to adjust the brightness and contrast. What is more, iPad users can even crop the photos taken with PicBomb. All with simple touch screen commands.
For those in business, PicBomb can be used as a social network aid. Take a picture of an attractive young person “going crazy” about your product and add a thought bubble saying “This is the bomb” and let PicBomb blow up your product. This is advertising like you have never seen before.
The user interface is easy to handle. The photo editing is point and click. Taking photos through the application is just like taking a regular photo. Then you can add bubbles or captions with a click and some typing. PicBomb allows for editing colors, bubbles and fonts. It is so simple to use, children as young as 4 can edit the photos on your phone, but even the savviest smart phone users will have hours of fun.

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