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Haiku Joust (Grand Tournament Side Event)

Writing Knights Press is adding a side event to the annual Grand Tournament competition.


We are looking for at least 8 Haiku Jousters to fill up our tournament. More can be accommodated. 

There are multiple definitions for a haiku. The definitions for this purpose are as follows:
 -- Haiku will follow the Americanized 5 syllable / 7 syllable / 5 syllable format. 
 -- As haiku are exclusively about nature, acceptable poems for this competition will also include senryu (poems not about nature).
 -- No "cutting" word is required, but it may be to the advantage of the competitors to include them.

Order of Combat:
Order is chosen by a flip of a coin.

Jouster A has up to 30 seconds to volley one Haiku.
Jouster B has up to 30 seconds to respond.
Jouster B then has up to 30 seconds to volley one Haiku.
Jouster A has up to 30 seconds to respond.

Judges raise their hands (left hand A, right hand B) corresponding to whom they think has the more poignant Haiku. Judges are also free to raise both hands if they find the Jousters equal. The Jouster with the most hands raised wins that match.

Winner continues to the next round.

No Haiku may be repeated during the tournament. Judges and Host will keep track of syllables. Disputes will be settled as quickly as possible immediately following Jouster A's second Haiku.

 -- Winner of the Haiku Joust Tournament will be offered a chapbook release for their haiku and other work they would like to include.

Please Note:
 -- Current or former Writing Knights Team members may NOT compete.
 -- Judges of the competition may NOT compete.
 -- Current significant others of Writing Knights Team members or the judges may NOT compete.
 -- Competitors in the Grand Tournament (page and/or stage) MAY compete.

Show up July 26th at Mac's Backs by 7pm to enter. We want at least 8 Jousters but can accommodate more.

Jousters may wish to preregister and should email:
          Subject Line: "Haiku Joust" 
          Body: Name -- Performance Name; 17 syllable introduction. NO ATTACHMENTS.

More Information to come as it is made necessary.

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