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Review of Scribie's Transcription Editor

Scribie’s transcription service gives you an opportunity to streamline your transcription task to lessen time spent while minimizing mistakes. A typical 60 minute audio transcription can take four to six hours even for the highest trained transcriptionists. The easy to use Scribie Transcription Editor interface can take one hour of audio and help transcribe it within four to six hours.

No matter if you are doing podcast transcription to augment your internet following, interview transcription for your next journalistic endeavor, academic transcription for your teacher’s lectures, or legal transcription for your latest case or divorce proceeding, Scribie’s Transcription service can take care of your issues.

The process is simple. You upload the file you are preparing for audio transcription. There it will be converted to an mp3 file. Video files tend to be larger so it will save time if you convert it to an audio file. Files can be imported via URL, Dropbox or YouTube video.

The uploaded file can be launched with the editor into the transcribe menu. The editor window will be sized to full screen. This will give you maximum amount of space to transcribe and cut out potential distractions.

From there the audio transcription process is reliant on you playing the file. Different customizable keyboard shortcuts to make the task easier. The transcription process should go smoothly from here. If you have Google Chrome you can set up the transcription to write what you are saying.

After the transcription you can use the Analyze function to go through and find any potential mistakes that may have been made in the transcription process.

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