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Alluc is a video search engine that scours the web for links to free television video streams and downloads. You can use Alluc as your binge tv watching choice whether you want to stream or download the video directly to your computer. Alluc searches the internet for 334 different video hosts. The usability data is collected on the content and reported back to the users. This gives the user the quality on what links they want. When you watch TV online you want the best links possible and Alluc can help. The fully automated video link list stays up to date and grows daily from the original list of 3 million to over 34 million.

Alluc differs from other video search engine sites in that you can refine your search parameters. If you search by host to watch TV online you can enter the television show you want to see, then Alluc can disregard any other searches which may arise. You can inform your search with certain keyword tags. For example, you can use the ‘host’ tag to pick your site. Using ‘’ will direct your links to Youtube related searches. Searching by keyword is easy, just enter ‘name:Keyword’ and search by that keyword. Additionally you can search by site source. Enter ‘’ to only search videos on Facebook, for example. You can find the exact title by using ‘srctitle:Keyword’.

Alluc provides a way to watch TV online that no other video search engine even considers. There are different search trends which can be browsed to see what people are checking out and Alluc has a new interface which makes it easier than ever to navigate. You can use #newlinks to sort by results released most recently. It shows the newest links in descending order. Using #last24h will give you results updated in the last 24 hours. Entering #lastweek will use the last seven days as the time parameters. Also #lastmonth will do the same with the last 30 days. For people more comfortable with Spanish language, you can enter ‘keyword lang:es’ to draw those links.

So next time you want to binge watch TV online, don’t stop with another site. Check out Alluc and you will never need another video search engine. If you want to catch up on a new show release, or you want to see what all the fuss is about on a show that has been cancelled, Alluc can help!

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