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The Fraternity & Co - Polo Shirts & Engraved Buttons

The Fraternity & Co is defined by a community of you, your family and friends. Their design of polo shirts is exclusive, good quality and requires and invitation to purchase. They combine the magic of social networking which replaces the run of the mill retail interactions. They use technology to give their members a leg up in the world. Bonds of friendship and brother hood are created through the acquisition of these shirts. Having a shirt like this gives you the power to include the people you feel most communicate your ideals by inviting them to purchase a similar shirt.

Engraved buttons become heirlooms, collectibles, even sought after items to the right person. The buttons installed in the Fraternity & Co polo shirts are antique shank buttons typically used on blazers. They come from the same styles as “the golden age” of button making. They bring the classic roots of elegance in clothing which can stand the test of time. Members of the Fraternity & Co culture have a choice from many styles of buttons. These styles include: antique buttons, bespoke buttons, Greek letter buttons, launch commemorative buttons, and The Fraternity & Co Legacy buttons.

The Kickstarter campaign is to launch the inaugural ultra collectable buttons to compliment the polo shirts. There are eight different standard series from which to choose. The cost ranges from £50 to £135. The Bespoke Series (£2500) is a personalized shirt with buttons from a particular era sewn into the shirt by a world famous Savile Row tailor making this shirt a one of a kind heirloom you are sure to love.

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