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The Fraternity & Co - Polo Shirts with Engraved Buttons

Polo shirts are the fashion measuring stick for men. These shirts have been around since the 1920s and combine the aesthetics of the past with modern fashion designs. The shirts were often considered a luxury item, only worn by men of standing. We have all worn one, many of us have multiple polo shirts. Maybe you have one with a crocodile. Maybe you have an off brand with a dinosaur. Maybe you got one with stripes. The Fraternity & Co wants to add a new tradition to the polo with fantastic engraved buttons.

The button is a yard stick of shirt technology. They have been an essential part of not only polo shirts, but war uniforms, cultures all over the world and the arts. The personalized engraved buttons offered by the Fraternity & Co set these shirts apart from other polos. This Kickstarter campaign is dedicated to the perpetuation of royalty through the tradition of polo shirts. Buttons have been used to commemorate important events like inaugurations, gaining of status and military victories. There is no better way than to let another victory be marked – the victory of crowd funding for the creation of this classic product in a brand new way.

The market for antique buttons has tripled in the last decade. The best documented are the military buttons, they can even be split into: the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Due to their rarity, designs, certificate, online trading power and fashion, a button by the Fraternity & Co is automatically qualified as a collector’s item and is worth your contribution to the campaign.

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