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The Wedding Sparkler

by: Andy Johnson

Quality Sparklers for Weddings 

Sparklers are showing up at more and more weddings these days, and now there are entire companies dedicated to selling wedding sparklers and other related items exclusively. Before, you needed to head down to the local fireworks shop and buy sparklers made for other events to use at your wedding, but now there are sparklers that are packaged specifically to look nice with wedding decorations. This is great news for anyone planning a wedding because they won’t have to live with ugly blue or red boxes scattered all over their reception tables.

Besides the way they look in the packaging, there are other things that make wedding sparklers different from other types of sparklers. If you have never used wedding sparklers before but want to have them at your wedding, please read on to figure out what makes them different as well as all the great uses they have on your wedding day. 

Where to Shop 

When shopping for wedding sparklers, it is important to buy from a reputable source that only sells quality products. It can be difficult to find good quality sparklers for weddings because many companies out there only sell the same poor quality sparklers found for other holidays in a different looking package. Make sure you do your research and buy from an online store that specializes in wedding sparklers and has a long history of providing great customer service to ensure you get the quality you want. 

How they’re Different 

One of the biggest differences that make wedding sparklers different from any other type is the fact that they make very little smoke when they burn. This is vitally important because many couples want to use their sparklers indoors at their wedding reception. If your sparklers make too much smoke, it will create breathing problems for all of your guests and your wedding photos will turn out foggy and hazy looking. By purchasing quality wedding sparklers, you can ensure that the room will stay clear of smoke and everyone will enjoy their experience. 

Multiple Uses 

There are multiple different ways that couples choose to use sparklers at their wedding, but most commonly they are used to replace throwing birdseed or rice during the grand exit. Instead of throwing rice or birdseed into the air, your guests would instead stand alongside the aisle with lit sparklers. This makes for really great photos and there is no cleanup when the exit has finished. 

Some couples also like to use sparklers to write words or shapes in the air. With the proper camera settings, you can wave a sparkler in a particular shape of a letter and the longer exposure time will capture all the light to make it appear that you’re writing in the air. It is a very cool effect, and many couples have a desire to include something so unique in their wedding scrapbook.

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