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Writing Knights Press Presents: The Apocalypse (Video)

by Azriel Johnson

This was Writing Knights' first attempt at paying the poets who featured for them. The event had a nominal admission fee and we had about 20 people show up, so the performers got at least some cash each.

The night started with a song by national recording artist, Zach. He brought his positive folk rock to the crowd in a way that few have ever seen.

After Zach came two time Pushcart Prize Nominee Andrew (Andi) Line. Her set explored the struggle of transgendered people as well as her own maternal rivalry.

styles83 was next to the mic. He brought the pain from Painesville, Ohio. There were a few hiccups in his set, but it was mostly due to nervousness. The crowd responded strongly to him, even throwing a few words in for him to rap about. He showed that hip hop can be more than just repeating the same lines over and over.

John Burroughs masterfully wove his words through the audience. He brought some older verses as well as some newer works including a short piece from the upcoming 2nd Edition of Electric Company, through Writing Knights.

Following John's set and toe tapping, get up and dance tune from Zach came the open mic. Unfortunately it had to be cut short due to venue limitations, but the work brought was insightful and philosophical.

Zach closed the night with another danceable tune which got everyone involved while they danced and put the chairs away and schmoozed. We ended the night, not as a crowd of people, but as a community of love and light.

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