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Writing Knights Press Presents -- Kisha Nicole Foster (2015-02-09)

In preparation for the arrival of our feature the host started out with three poems, two from Hellfire, Heavensent and one from Poemaholic.

Hayley shared a blurb poem: "the Hailstorm".  then she shared "Why falling in love with your best friend actually sucks."

Skylark shared some poems from her full length book, "Watching", "Unwashed", "The Biggest Mountain", "A Modest Proposal", "To the Men Who Stalked Me", and more poems from the same chapter.

Kisha arrived and began her set. Without further ado:

We resumed the open mic with Matt who read pieces by Charles Bukowski.

Inspired by Kisha's suggestion of sestina, Jamie shared a sestina "A Pasture".

Taylor read an untitled piece about Christmas, then an untitled piece about the pitfalls of social media, then shared a poem about social discontent, finally a poem about the questioning of life itself and appreciating emotion.

Skylark shared some more poems from her book Graffiti Wisdom.

Darin shared a piece from his book.

The host closed the night with a sestina.

Afterward, Kisha donated one of her books to the prize of whomever wins the Pay to Slam next week.  Be excited for that!

See you next week!Azriel Johnson PS - Join the Writing Knights: Stark Facebook Group for updates.

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