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Stark Knights: Event -- The Auricle (April 15)

Theresa Göttl Brightman
"I’d rather wear the skins
of lions I never killed
and build my house out of bones
handed to me by senators."
Steve Brightman
"This harmony 
of hidden engines 
is the graveyard 
that raises us,"
Zach Lee
"the cosmic giggle has got us good
in every heartbeat it can be heard
a kingdom calculating characters
to rebel against the page"
Johnny Neiman
"Social policy is written 
Through the barrel of a gun 
But no Goliath in Armani threads 
Could ever stop the revolution"

The Auricle can be found in the heart of Canton’s thriving arts district. The Auricle exists to provide a live music experience unlike any other, connecting people through community with music and art in all of its forms. Our space is versatile & Intimate, The Auricle is committed to bringing your favorite artists, comedians, musicals and private events to a place you can call your own.

What we’re all about:

1. Taking care of the artist, the musician, the performer.
We desire to be the venue in Ohio that great artists want to play, complete with great sound, friendly staff, delicious food, and a ‘green room’ with comfort and amenities that make artists look forward to spending time here.

2. Ensuring cleanliness and comfort for artists and fans alike.
The Auricle is not and will never be a ‘dive’. We pride ourselves on our clean restrooms, floors, and public spaces, and desire to make the Auricle a place you want to return to time and again.

3. Working to always have great sound and lighting.
The Auricle’s highly trained, experienced, exceptionally good-looking, and professional sound crew, many of whom have been touring musicians themselves, will work diligently with you to provide a crisp, clean mix that thumps without destroying your ear drums and lighting / atmospheric effects that will make for a smooth visual experience.

4. Connecting & building relationships with local business and artists.
We at the Auricle are passionate about being local. As a result, we desire to build close, mutually beneficial relationships with the City of Canton and the businesses and artists who also call Canton ‘home’. By working together, we work cooperatively for the benefit of the city that we all know and love. Let’s make it happen.

5. Respect & Community.
We’d love nothing more than to for the Auricle to be your ‘third place’ – if you’re not home, and you’re not working for The Man, we’d love to have you here. In order for true community to thrive, it’s critical that we respect each other and the facilities. Fights and destruction of property aren’t cool, so let’s just not do it, eh?

Address: 601 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton

Videos After the Jump

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