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Stark Knights: Event -- Jupiter Studios (April 22)

Steve Brightman
This harmony 

of hidden engines 

is the graveyard 

that raises us,"

Marissa Hyde
"Is it better or worse
than saving my words
for the longing left in
lapsed chances?"

Gabrielle Carafelli
"I am more than what lies
between the curves of my thighs
I am the power in my eyes
That will cause your demise"

Langley Smith
"And the walls are crumbling. I can hear what sounds like ghosts calling to me one last time as they parish in the orange; burning. Their voices sound so familiar. They scream liar and faggot in a way that only sounds like wood crackling."
Jupiter Studios: art gallery, gourmet pizza shop, and music venue caters to Stark County's finest in the arts. Whether you're an artist or musician, spectator or supporter, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!

Featuring great local art, music, and a terrific variety of Homemade organic and locally grown sauces for their pizzas, Jupiter Studios has a style of music or food for everyone! Great for kids, private parties, groups, or dinner with the family! Record your band, get creative in our art group, or perform or showcase your music or art! No cover charge for those coming just for dinner before 8pm Friday and Saturday. No cover charge all day long. We also now deliver Pizza, salads, and sandwiches to Alliance residents! 

Address: 346 E Main St, Alliance

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