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Stark Knights: Event -- The Little Art Gallery (April 21)

And(y)i Line
I'm silent.
My drug of choice and my cleantime
play tug-of-war with my feet,
but my mind is made up.
Jen Pezzo
There she was mesmerized
by a kaleidoscope of colors
brain looping 'round
a hula hoop of dreams...
Zach Lee
the cosmic giggle has got us good
in every heartbeat it can be heard
a kingdom calculating characters
to rebel against the page

The Little Art Gallery was established in 1930 in a second floor room of the North Canton Public Library, then located in a frame house on Main Street where the North Canton YMCA currently stands.  The Hoover Company and two Hoover employees, Ellsworth Smith and Esta Stoner, were instrumental in the conception of the gallery. The Little Art Gallery’s permanent collection has grown to include more than 200 pieces. The gallery opens a new fine art exhibit every four to six weeks and provides public art classes for students of all ages.

Address: 185 N. Main St, North Canton

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