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Writing Knights Press Presents: Alexis-Rueal & Colton Bose (Feb 22)

Alexis-Rueal was born in Kentucky, raised in Marion, Ohio, and has been a fixture in the Columbus, Ohio poetry scene since 2011. Since moving to Columbus, she has authored the chapbooks "Letter to 20," (Poet's Haven Press) and "According to the Results," (Writing Knights Press) along with performing at festivals and venues throughout Ohio. In 2013, she competed at the National Poetry Slam as a member of the Writers' Block Slam Team.

She won the Writing Knights Grand Tournament IV in 2015 and author of full length poetry book "I Speak Hick" (Writing Knights Press 2016)

Colton Bose is an independent filmmaker, poet and author from Cleveland, Ohio. At age 18, his first chapbook was published by Writing Knights Press. He was active on the Northeast Ohio poetry scene from 2010 to 2013, but has since focused most of his time and energy on filmmaking, his primary passion since he was young. He is an award winning director, writer, executive producer and co-owner of the independent film company Rooster Crow Productions. He is a graduate of Cleveland State University and author of poetry chapbook "The Dark Lord was Mistaken" (Writing Knights Press, 2016)

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