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Sun Coma

One of the things that regularly occupies my Sundays is feeding people downtown in a flat grass space they call a park. I have higher standards for my parks... namely more than just a few scraggly trees which surround the grassy area, maybe a pavilion (which would be helpful when we feed people during these kinds of days).

The day itself was beautiful. 75 degree high. Lots of people hungry, more than we usually get on a holiday as most holidays people go to spend time with their families, even if they are having housing lack.

I wore my usual Sunday shirt which says: "gay? fine by me."  I do it because I like to remind people to be tolerant. There is one of the fellas who tries to make me feel bad about wearing it, but today I was not in the mood to deal with his crap.  I am usually more jovial and "oh Pete, you silly thing" about it, but today he looked at me with such disdain, he barely got the words, "I can't--" when I snapped at him, "Damn Pete, stop being homophobic for just today.  It's Easter! Jeez!"  Not that I'm a particularly Christian person, but he keeps citing the bible when he tells me why he thinks it's wrong.  The bible also says not to judge.

As I said, the sun was high and I didn't have a head covering.  A mistake on my part as I'm fairly sensitive to the sun, especially on my alopecia.  I stood facing the line of servers and the hungry with a trash bag.  We had plenty of people to help serve so trash bag duty was my lot for the day.  In small doses, the sun helps to energize me, but if I'm out in it too long I start to get crabby and discommunicative (as in, I'll still communicate even be nice, but I don't want to).

The picnic ended, we fed some people and made our way to Easter meal with Sky's parents. I ate and talked and whatnot, but I felt drained.  I tried to eat to offset the lack of energy, but it didn't help.  I tried to be social, but failed as I went into the living room and conked out on the couch... for about two hours.  My lover tried to rouse me by sitting on my crotch, but unfortunately I was halfway to comatown by then.  My nephew woke me by sitting on my stomach, to which I gave him a hard shove to the floor.  I didn't hurt him... or if I did he didn't cry about it.

When I was finally able to get up, I found him laying on the ground asleep. Point for boring Tio knock out of the 13 year old. :)

I hadn't had my detox all weekend, I just didn't make time to make the tea or take the elixir in the morning, but I think a break is good. I don't think it has to be solid every single day to be optimal effective.  There are a couple more days left of the nephew helping out around the house and organizing my Magic the Gathering cards so I need to be on my best health.

Oh, I think my abdomen is getting a little smaller. I'll take a picture for tomorrow if I still think that.

Thanks for reading!
*Note* Originally posted on the now defunct 03/28/16

Azriel Johnson is an inkspatter analyst and a serial writer by night. He runs a small, not money losing publishing press and a weekly open mic with monthly features called Writing Knights Press and Writing Knights: Stark.

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