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Detox: Night 4: Still going

No picture to speak of today, but I'm still feeling surprisingly well. I didn't take the detox tea for Night 3 (I just had too much else going on to fix it up), but today I had it warm instead of cold as per my usual.  The taste wasn't any different really.

I did have an annoying headache today. I don't know if I can blame it on not having my tea the day before or not. Tylenol kicked it out of my head so it wasn't a caffeine headache (my caff headaches don't go away so easily).

I started to notice I was getting a bit of an upset stomach. I hope this isn't a continuing trend and that my body gets used to it.

I added a couple new herb extracts to my Elixir (I'll take a picture of those for the next entry) They are Milk Thistle and Cinnamon. Cinnamon is supposed to help with inflammation and the store where I buy the extracts at didn't have cayenne. Milk Thistle is supposed to help with liver detox. I just looked it up on Wikipedia and I realized I'd seen it before. I thought it was just a fancy way of saying Dandelion (roasted of which I include in my detox tea).
okay I lied about no pictures

I just did the calendar math and realized at the end of my second detox round Skylark and I will be starting our Road to Rustbelt tour. Superb timing right? Now granted, it'll be 10 or so days until I can resume, but the detox says I should take at least a week off between rounds anyway, so it works.

In general, I'm slowly building more energy. I never thought I would be so glad my insomnia was back. If there is one thing I can say about chronic fatigue, at least I can get to sleep easier. Honestly though I'd rather the insomnia, because it's creative insomnia for me.  I wrote a piece based on a quote from my Facebook.

I'm feeling good. Maybe not 100%, but I'm looking for a journey not a destination.

Thanks for reading,

PS - Happy Day after Equinox!
*Note* Originally posted on the now defunct 03/21/16

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