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ZACH -- Contributor Bio

“We should manifest ourselves in exquisiteness every chance we get,” Zach professes his life’s philosophy on his latest release, The Antidote, his 15th release is as many years. The Antidote reflects his vocation and passion for creating a better world. He hopes it can “inspire people to their highest goodness, to encourage us all to manifest this goodness in some way in our lives.” This idea echoes in “Ignite the Soul,” when he sings, “Give, give, the gifts you give. Ignite the soul." With themes of believing in our own power for kindness (Manifest), peace building (Peace By Piece), social politics (Ohio Breaking), and veganism (Plants), this record is a spiritual journey and social statement. One song takes on fracking (I Want a Future Too), which has been a winner in the Artists Against Fracking Video Contest, chosen by Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon; while songs like “Hymn” remind us that, "when the world comes to drag you down, light your smile, it keeps the darkness out."

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