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Writing Knights Press Presents: Nehemiah & Neiman (plus Third Monday Slam) - May 16

Ephraim Nehemiah is an artist in love with poetry seeking to fight systems of oppression and bring the wink back in style.

Johnny Neiman is a folk punk musician from Canton, Ohio who addresses themes ranging from satirical sociopolitical commentary to personal struggles. His album "Transgressions" is available now. Johnny Neiman also types in third person to sound more professional.
This night also marks the return of the Third Monday Slam!
Slammers can win up to $20 on a sliding scale.
If there are two slammers the winner earns $10.
If there are three slammers the winner earns $15.
If there are four or more slammers the winner earns $20.

Sign up for the slam will end between 6:50pm and 7pm. The Slam will start soon after.

$2 Suggested Donation for the Writing Knights Slam Team

Cultured Coffee Co
Address: 309 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton
Time: 7pm - 9pm

Cultured Coffee & Waffles has been the home base of Writing Knights: Stark since its inception back in March of 2014. They have graciously put up with us almost every Monday night since then. 

Established in 2013 we bring good beans, good brews and good food to downtown Canton. Our coffee is great (at least we like to think so!), and you have probably heard about our waffles by now. If you haven't, well, you should. Bring a friend.

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