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Writing Knights Standing Slam Team Try Outs

For the foreseeable future, the Writing Knights: Stark Monday Open Mics at Cultured Coffee will be host to our standing slam team. Once organized, this team will be engaged for team slam competitions and eventually (once we get enough green energy backing) multiple team competitions.

Our first task is to field a team to go to the Meatgrinder Slam in Columbus, OH on July 16th. To do so, we will be holding a qualifying slam June 20th (in addition to our features that night).

HOWEVER, the winners of the three slots available for the team will NOT entirely be decided by who wins the slam. On the contrary, there will be other factors in the decision process factored in, namely in the form of participation in workshops (which we will be resuming most Mondays 6p-7p) and in cases where potential team slammers cannot make it to a workshop, they will still make an effort to get their work to us in some fashion to be critiqued.  Team members can join the Writing Knights: Stark Facebook group and post their videos there (best option is probably to upload pieces to Youtube and post the link to the group).

Next, teammates have to express their ability to bring people to poetry so every time a team member brings a person to poetry with them they will gain a point. This person does not have to join the slam team, but they should be regularly active if possible. Coupled with this, we will need to start raising money for the team to do special travel trips so people who can show prowess in this will gain points here.

Additionally, Third Mondays WK:S will start holding slams where the winner earns up to $20 (more details here). Potential team members can earn points here for this too (Okay so there is only one Third Monday between now and June 20th, but the team is going farther than that).

June 20th isn't where the team try outs end. We are not just building a team, we are building a community. So just because someone doesn't make the competing team for July 16th doesn't mean they are not part of the standing team. A list will be kept on the website of our current team and on any Monday a spot on the team may be contested.

So to recap quantifiable elements to make the slam team:
- Show up for workshops, contribute in some fashion to workshops.
- Compete in Third Monday Slams.
- Bring new people to Monday Night Poetry Open Mic, bring in new money for slam team activities.

We hope to see you at our next WK:S Open Mic!

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