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Send Writing Knights Your Overstock

Are you a publishing press or record label
who just has too much overstock?
Are you a poet or audio artist
who has too many copies
of your old books or albums?
Are you a book or music collector
who just has too many copies
of indie poetry or (non)fiction books or CDs?
Well Writing Knights has a solution for you!

Send WK the books/CDs/etc you no longer want or just cannot move and we'll put them into our Incentive Box.

QYPA: Questions You'll Probably Ask

What is our Incentive Box?
Every newcomer to our weekly open mic gets to root around our box of free poetry/music. If someone brings a newcomer with them, they also get to root around the box. The idea is to keep things fresh and interesting and give people free stuff for coming to poetry and bringing people to poetry.

Will you pay for my overstock/shipping?
Nope. Why? Because we believe this is an even trade. You send us your overstock to get it out of your hair. We have new stuff for our Incentive Box and thus we distribute your overstock to an entirely new audience.

Will you accept damaged/misprinted goods?
Sure, within reason. If you send us something we would not want to touch (covered in shit for example) we will discard it or find you and stuff it down your throat. Water damaged with the words inside intact is just fine. Scratched CDs that still play, also good.

Will you give a shout out when you receive the package?
Sure. Email us a link to a site you want to promote and we'll post it on our Twitter/Facebook.

Will you media swap with presses/record labels?
You mean as in, send WK items once yours have been received?  Uh... maybe... case by case basis.

Do you do anything with electronic copies?
Nah. Since there is no real overstock there is no need.

What kind of media will you accept?
Books, CDs, DVDs, tapes, magazines, art work, broadsides, bumper stickers, t-shirts, patches, pins, key chains , wristlets and more. Ask us to find out.

Anything you won't take?
Porn. Artistic nudity is, of course, fine. We determine what we think is porn. Anything sent to us involving nonconsensual abuse will be sent to YOUR local authorities immediately.
Hate speech. Get off of this page if you hate LGBTQ people, POC, or people of different religions. This also includes pro-body/slut shaming. Its fine to have differing opinions, but when your opinions lead you to hate someone, the problem isn't with them, it's with you. Any hate literature sent to us will be returned smeared with dog shit, you bigot.

Where should we send our media?
P.O. Box 9364
Canton, OH 44711

Or drop it off at one of our weekly open mics.

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