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Performer Bio: Kisha Nicole Foster

Kisha Nicole Foster is a poet, educator, coach, and mentor. She has been performing on stages and in classrooms for sixteen years, having started her career fresh out of high school. KNF is a motivational speaker through her poetry as she gives stories of hope; vibrant and honest truths of enduring a life that has not been a smooth road. KNF offers poems that resonate in the soul of audiences that have witnessed her “raw energetic verse”. Her style has been called, “a hybrid that incorporates the academic and marries it to the raw: uncompromising street poetry of the Hip Hop generation”.

Kisha Nicole Foster was born in Germany and raised between New Jersey and Cleveland. She is an only child, raised by a single mother, yet she has two siblings – DaWayne and Tonya by her father. KNF graduated from high school in Cleveland Ohio. She attended Cleveland State University for five of years yet did not receive her degree. KNF started slamming in national poetry competitions at the age of 23, yet she has been performing since 1999. She has published several chapbooks in the past as well as been published. Her book titled “Poems: 1999-2014” was published in 2015 on Guide to Kulchur’s Vanguard Series.

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