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The Wayward Sword: #RESIST

The Wayward Sword:


...words are your weapons

...make your art alive and dangerous
aim... is our job to initiate the change 
we want to see in the world
...burn systems of oppression down!!!!

POETRY: Pieces between 4 and 100 lines (if you throw 100 lines down, it better be damned compelling)
Form Poetry, Free Verse, Free meter, Song Lyrics, whatever Inspires Resistance, we want it!

PROSE (fiction/nonfiction): Pieces between 100 and 500 words. RANT with a purpose, tell a story about Overcoming Adversity, beseech people to take up arms Against Injustice.

This is your forum to meet a global audience and generate global awareness!

IMAGES (300 dpi, jpg): protest signs, acts of artistic justice, nature boring her way through man's attempted control of earth, whatever you can think of to exemplify resistance!

Consider combining images and words in a single submission.

Submission Accepted:
    May 15, 2017-June 30, 2017

Email Address:

    After publication all rights return to Creator.

    Slated for July 2017.

    Creator receives a printable PDF of the issue where the piece is included, with which the Creator may do as they please (including sell or distribute for free).

Optional Inclusion:
    A 10-20 word bio, a 300 dpi black and white jpg 1.25" x 1.25"

Subject line:
    "The Wayward Sword: #RESIST - (Preferred Creator Name)"

Email Body:
    Up to 5 pieces

no "Roses are Red / Violets are Blue" crap.

Send us your blood, sweat, tears, shit, mucus, broken bones, stitched hearts, brains ripped to shreds

Swearing is fine if it works in context, but overuse isn't edgy, it's moronic.

Erotica/Nudity is fine, but gratuitous sex isn't erotica it's just pornography....

The only hard/fast rule is: NO condoning hate speech or nonconsensual abuse....

You can certainly represent these issues in your art, but condoning these only serve to trigger victims, not to break open peoples' minds so they can grow and overcome.

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