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The Halcyon Code by Jeff Kosiba

$10.00 USD
(plus Free PDF)
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Paint me into your memory
before dementia
lies beside you early one morning
like kids fingernails scraping
inside window permafrost,
as we are forced to remain apart
like two prizefighters
saved by the bell.

I will wait for you Nadia
in this cold-war of aggression
we have waged upon each
other’s emotions.
Out go the candles for now.

    -The Dimensions of Nadia

About the author: 
I never say goodbye, I say instead, goodnight.
-Jeff Kosiba


FourPlay #28: The Body Sings Electric by Eli Williams

$1.00 USD

About the author: 
I write because it’s painful and sometimes pulling words out of my brain is like being submerged slowly underwater, grasping at anything to be brought back to a breathing point. Until that moment occurs you flail and wonder why you would ever put yourself into this predicament in the first place and even moreso wonder why you would keep coming back. Each time above water is like being in love for the first time. A rush of wonder and joy of life is thrust upon your soul and breathing is better than anything you’ve experienced. I write because it’s the only thing I haven’t been able to run away from. I live for those moments above water.
- Eli Williams

FourPlay #27: Birth Life Death Forever by Daria Quinn

$1.00 USD
Coming Soon
About the author: 
There just aren't that many queer writers out there, certainly not many of any real name value.  Even within our community, there's just not that many of us out there whose work is visible.  I just happened to learn early on that I had a talent for wordcraft, and because of this, I was able to focus on developing that talent at a time in my life where almost everyone else my age was focused on social status and popularity.  I don't really consider writing a talent or a gift so much as I see it as a responsibility.  I am an autistic, bipolar, transgender lesbian feminist in a time and political climate where people like me rarely, if ever, see their voices in print.  There is an audience in desperate need to see their lives and experiences represented in the media, and I, as a neurodivergent queer woman, have a responsibility to every other neurodivergent queer woman in the world to make my voice heard.  That's why I write.

    — Daria Quinn

FourPlay #25: Deliver Us into the Dark by Robin Wyatt Dunn

$1.00 USD

About the author: 
I write to keep the blood off my hands; better to have ink. I write for the revolution, which begins in the mind. I write to stay sane, although staying sane is a crazy thing to do. Also, I write for all the chicks.

Robin Wyatt Dunn


The Black God -- Dragon's Bane Series: Book 3 by Azriel Johnson

$20.00 USD
(plus Free PDF)
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
    JR Gerstung travels, triumphant, from Sunset Red intending to introduce his mother to his
girlfriend and fellow soldier, Rebecca Kingsley.

    On the way, a tragedy strikes the Human race and JR and Rebecca have to combat the after

    The Black God, Muerthegos, feeds on Pain and Death and is launching a plot to acquire
immense power.  He needs one component to complete the plot and he needs JR to obtain it.

About the author: 
Azriel Johnson writes the prophecy
of the Dragon’s Bane Universe,
in addition to other stories. 
He is still cautiously optimistic
about the trajectory of the Human race,
but isn’t exactly opposed to the idea
of Dragons trying to take over.


My Medicine Cabinet: and Other Stories by Christopher G. Bremicker

$8.00 USD
(plus Free PDF)
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

“It took me four hours before I drove to the emergency room for my first heart attack,” I said. “My second heart attack was not an emergency.”
“Go ahead.”
“If we could hang in there until we got to the access, we could make it.”
“In other words, call 911, leave the decoys, and head for the access.”
“Yes!” I shouted, to make my point.
“I carry nitroglycerin.”
“So, do I.”
“Let’s go to the ceremony.”
— Pelican Lake

About the author: 
Christopher Bremicker was a Special Forces medic at Ft. Bragg NC from 1968 to 70. He has a BA in English and an MBA, both University of Minnesota. He is a handball player, downhill skier, grouse hunter and a sales associate at Walgreen’s in St. Paul, MN. His hometown is Cable, WI.


young and unadorned by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

$10.00 USD
(plus Free PDF)
Coming Soon

she complimented the ring
calculated my breast cup –
unsatisfied I’d barely fill her
smallest available

it was discrimination
before discrimination had teeth –
hiring and firing
for the exact same reason
young and unadorned

About the author: 
Wanda Morrow Clevenger  wrote eight poems in a handful of months in 1974; thirty-four years later she returned to writing.  She has since placed over 465 pieces of work in 157 print and electronic literary journals and anthologies.

In August of 2013, while compiling the manuscript for this book she fell ill with pancreatitis, further complicated by necrosis in the following nine months, and wasn’t expected to survive.  One year later, almost to the day, she sat down to finish where the hogs ate the cabbage.  

She has her husband to thank for the title.


Seventeen Monologues by Jacob King

$10.00 USD
(plus Free PDF)

Coming Soon

I was pieced together
like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster
from all the deceased
remnants of the very first stories
told in this place

this is why
I am patron saint
of so many things
wisdom and just warfare
always at odds
with the pieces of myself

— Athena: Warrior (Philosopher) Princess

About the author: 
Jacob King is a poet, playwright, professor, husband, father, and caffeine addict. He likes to think he has his priorities in order, but he understands that his wife, sons, baristas, students, and readers are better judges of that than he could be. Jacob's plays include: "Teaching Abraham" (North Canton Playhouse, 2005) and "Raising Angelina" (Laboratorio de Beleco, 2012).


Something from Nothing by P.C. Vandall

$6.00 USD
(plus Free PDF)
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
— Excerpt — 
“She told me to stay
but I flew the coop--
took flight in a field
and let you 
have your way. 
I can hear you
through a maze
of corn stalks.”

About the author: 
Pamela is a Canadian writer from Gabriola Island and resides there with her husband and two children. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and she is currently working on her first full length collection.


Reading Backwards Through the Yellow by Carolyn Srygley-Moore

$15.00 USD
Full Length Book
(plus Free E-BOOK)
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
In previous works, Carolyn Srygley-Moore has proven herself superior to any secular GPS navigational system through her ability to intertwine precise locations in physical space with their affiliated emotional state. "Reading Backwards Through the Yellow" takes us beyond Euclidean geometries as though we clicked on Street View in Google Maps. Srygley-Moore's stark and beautiful photographic images provide a rootedness to each group of poems that follow, encouraging the reader to declare, "I believe, because I was there."
- Loring Wirbel , writer, poet, community activist

"Carolyn Srygley-Moore carries the DNA of the New York and Black Mountain schools into the beginning of the short 21st Century. Every bit as attuned to the ecology of the word and the language of nature as Bernadette Mayer and Alice Notley have been, Carolyn's poems will knock your socks off, and make you forget you even had hands to put them on. The rediscovering is wondrous."
- Dan Coffey, Iowa Center for the Book, and Poet's Quarterly

About the author: 
Carolyn Srygley-Moore is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where she won awards for her poetry. She is a Pushcart and Best of the Web nominee.

Ms Srygley-Moore is an animal rights advocate, and has rescued dogs, cats, rats, and one iguana. She worked, as a social advocate, with the HIV population in the late 80's; now, she works primarily with persons living with traumatic brain injuries or neurological disorders, in an effort to promote independence.

Carolyn has published five books
of poetry, full length or chapbook:
the latest being MIRACLES OF THE BLOG: a series. She also explores versions of the world through photography and random
collage. Carolyn lives in Upstate New York with her husband and daughter.

She loves to swim

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