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Zoptic Figure by Jeff Kosiba

Published November 30, 2013
Chapbook - 44 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 9781494329433
" forewarned!
The inspiration for
creativity in a poet
is a chemical
that allows his mood
to swing like a
delivering the dual
and tongue lashing
that requires tonic
from a witch doctor
to heal from."

-On Halloween-

Jeff Kosiba has some stories to tell, not the least of which is his very own. He began penning his prose in 2000 after the death of his best friend Shaun Williams. Zoptic Figure represents his fourth book of poetry to date.

$10.00 USD

(plus FREE PDF)

About the author:
Jeff has a Masters degree in Sociology from Cleveland State University and is pursuing a Doctoral Program in Sociology as well. He is currently working on a book of the Sociology of Deception based on Erving Goffman's implicit theory of deception. Jeff's first ambition was to be an actor and has appeared in five films to date. Jeff is a great admirer of Asian culture and is no stranger to the world of tattoo art. Jeff is a very interesting individual but these poems are more than just interesting. They are arresting poems that will hold hostage your heart with piercing intelligence and enough raw emotion to incise your heart.

Graffiti Wisdom by Skylark Bruce

Full Length - Cover A - 100 pages, 6" x 9", ISBN: 9781490507200
Back of the Book:
Graffiti Wisdom is the first full length book release by Skylark Bruce (and publisher Writing Knights Press). Here you will find poetry from the heart, mind and the journey of poetry itself.

I have cherished you, your voices
And interweaving instruments.
Swelling breath upon breath, mingling
Hydrogen and oxygen in
Treble and bass. Celebration!
I am willow river movement
In your guided meditation.
When you cannot lift up your head
For the weight of stinging loss,
I am the somber, reverent Dirge,
Carrying you through life’s sorrow.
This is the Song that never ends.

— Separated

$15.00 USD
Full Length
Cover A

(plus FREE PDF)

$15.00 USD
Full Length
Cover B

(plus FREE PDF)

Full Length - Cover B - 100 pages, 6" x 9", ISBN: 9781484973080
About the author:
Skylark Bruce is a vegetarian progressive Christian who loves to belly dance & recycle. When this graduate of her twenties isn't writing or performing poetry, she can often be found cooking for homeless people or rounding up friends to play board games. She was one-fourth of the 2012 Lake Effect Poetry Slam Team. Her first poetry book, "I Wish," was published in 2012 by The Poet's Haven.

The Bard Newsletter #3

Hey there! Long time no see. I’ve been super busy with life (trying to make money and chapbooks can be a harrowing time for a publisher). I really had meant to have a blog entry out every month, but since I’m doing this all on my own for a while (until potentially after the Grand Tournament) sacrifices have to be made. Clevelandpoetry is tiring work, but it is so much fun!

Enough about me, let’s get to the real meat of the matters. I have been working like crazy on a number of projects for WK. We have a number of poetry books to be released soon. Writing Knights’ first full length book “Graffiti Wisdom” is being released May 25th. I intend upon putting up a prerelease page on after I post this blog, so stay tuned for that.

We have a number of poetry events coming up. May 25th at Mac’s Backs will be a double headliner, Zach Ashley from Detroit and Skylark Bruce will be leading the way with Shelley Chernin, Autumn Aki Smith and special guest, visiting poet Larry O. Dean who is on tour promoting his new book Brief Nudity.

June 1st we are changing our format slightly. Typically at our shows we have the features stand up and speak for their 20 or 30 minutes and sit down then we have open mic performers threaded through the night. But going into Year Three, Writing Knights is changing the format. The Literary Café shows will sit the features down in some semblance of a circle with the rest of the audience and share their poetry with the rest of us. The words will bounce around the circle and everyone attending from the Cleveland poetry community will share a piece as their turn comes. The “features” will have a set amount ready to share, but the rest of the group can learn and grow with them with everyone on the same level. Our features on June 1st so far (we are hoping for one more): Mary Turzillo, Julia Jones, and Paul Skyrm.

June 29th Writing Knights will return to Mac’s Backs with a “standard” feature. Cavana Faithwalker will headline, and the alternative rock, hip hop group The Dangerous Colors will be there as well. We are still looking for two more features that night, so if you are interested email writingknightspress(at) with the subject line: “June 29th Feature”.

July 6th Clevelandpoetry returns to the Literary Café. Writing Knights Press Presents headliner and Writing Knights Original Steve Brightman (who is releasing the chapbook “Absent The” with Writing Knights). With Steve we have Matt Reiman, an up and coming Clevelandpoet. We are also looking for two more performers for this night. All those interested should email writingknightspress(at) with “July 6th Feature” in the subject line.

Speaking of poetry books, Writing Knights Press has released a number of books since our last newsletter. February saw the release of Vladimir Swyrinsky’s book “Cleveland Hostel Poems”. March brought us FIVE releases. First a chapbook by P.C. Vandall from British ColumbiaSomething From Nothing”. The Squire: Volume 3 “Seasons” Anthology, full of many local, national and international poets. The Writing Knights Press Best of 2012 Anthology with all of our PushCart Prize nominees inside as well as the best poems from the authors released by Writing Knights. Last, but not least, were two FourPlays released: FourPlay #7 “Chaos Inspired” by Mike Ottinger and FourPlay #8 “Insomnia Songs” by Azriel Johnson. April brought Illinois poet, Lennart Lundh’s “Pictures ofan Other Day” chapbook and Walter Beck’s double (reversible) FourPlay #9 and #10 “On the Midnight Stage/High Ground Valley Flashback”. May showed us Utah’s own, Maggie Mae with her release “Some Things Ache in the Dark” chapbook.

We aren’t just here for Cleveland poetry. We are here for the world!

Final words: the Writing Knights Press website is operational, but not fully armored. Our store section is ready to accept transactions, but I need a little more time with the non-store section. Please feel free to peruse and purchase as you will. Updates are made weekly if not daily and we will try to have everything worked out before the next Newsletter.

Thank you and remember… only poetry can save you now!
Azriel Johnson

P.S. – Writing Knights is accepting singular Submissions of poetry between 10-30 lines to showcase at the end of each newsletter. All poetry will be considered, multiple shorter poems may be submitted to crest the 10 line minimum. These poems should be sent in the body of an email to writingknightspress(at) with the subject line “The Bard Submission – (Poem Name) – (Author Name)”. Please send only one submission at a time, and please do not submit another piece until your previous submission is accepted or denied.

The Bard Newsletter #2

Life brings us changes. Change is the spice of life. Sadly we have lost one of our own, but Writing Knights will continue on and continue making a name for Cleveland poetry. The number of events we have scheduled is dazzling. Other than February, we have two events per month in 2013. We intend to release at least one book per month and in the mean time we have FourPlays, E-Books, editions of The Squire and who knows what else to share. When there is nowhere else to turn to, only poetry can save you now.

Vladimir Swirynsky will be headlining for Writing Knights on February 2nd at the Literary Café (1031 Literary Rd, Cleveland, OH). We will be releasing the latest of his poetry books, “Cleveland Hostel Poems” and I’m sure if you ask nicely he will sign it for you. Performing with Vlad will be Alexis Rueal, Joshua Stephens and a Mystery Performer. Soon after (if not the same night), we will have the best of Cleveland poetry with Writing Knights Press 2012 Anthology consisting of new or existing poems from our 2012 chapbook releases. I will be hosting the show and there will, of course, be a Full Bar and Free Admission.

Future poetry events include a March 2nd show also at the Literary Café with our headliner Carla Thompson. Currently supporting her will be Zach Schraufl (one of the Writing Knights Originals) and Jeffrey Kosiba. Currently we have Ken Gradomski booked for March 29th, Shelley Chernin booked in May, and we are in talks with a ton of people from the Cleveland poetry scene and beyond for future events. As always Writing Knights is looking for a wide variety of poetic, musical and otherwise performance expression artists for features. If you know someone we NEED to hear, send them our way. Or send us THEIR way.

Speaking of future events, the greatest event in Cleveland poetry history, the Grand Tournament will be opening submissions officially February 3rd (ending June 2nd). The contest will be similar to last year. The difference this year is the five judges who oversee the written entries will also be judging the performance aspect of the entries at the Grand Tournament event in July. Not all of the bugs have been worked out, but the contest will be a similar format to last year. Poets/Writers must impress the judges both on page and on stage. Last year’s winner, Skylark Bruce, will be one of the judges, but we are seeking four more. Do you want to publish a book? Fight for it!

The Writing Knights website(s) will be undergoing some radical changes. The official landing page will soon be featuring (in reverse chronological order) purchase links to every item we have available for purchase (Chapbooks, E-Books, FourPlays, The Squire Anthologies, and non-book Merchandise). This will make it easier for fans of Cleveland poetry to find their favorite Writing Knights titles. The top of the page will have the direct link to the site and the site will still be updated for people who like to explore before they purchase.

We hope you enjoy the coming changes to Writing Knights. We can’t wait to see you at our next show February 2nd!

P.S. – Writing Knights is accepting singular Submissions of poetry between 10-30 lines to showcase at the end of each newsletter. All poetry will be considered, multiple shorter poems may be submitted to crest the 10 line minimum. These poems should be sent in the body of an email to writingknightspress(at) with the subject line “The Bard Submission – (Poem Name) – (Author Name)”. Please send only one submission at a time, and please do not submit another piece until your previous submission is accepted (and published) or rejected.

The Bard Newsletter #1

I began Writing Knights because I saw something wrong with the way Cleveland poetry was presented. There was too much emphasis on styles and far too much in the way of favoritism to the establishment i.e. poets were published because they were already well known, not necessarily because they were good. Certainly some poets are well known because they are good, but some are well known just because. I am, of course, limited to my own view of the world and the poets whom I might not necessarily enjoy might be the best thing since sliced bread to everyone else in the world, but we are all entitled to our own wrong opinions.

I began Writing Knights to expose my artistic values to the Cleveland poetry scene. I wanted to produce poetry books and host poetry events with a certain underlying theme that was recognizable to poets, musicians, or any kind of artist. I don’t approve of styles in general. I have been writing and living as Bruce Lee so eloquently put it, “using no style as style, having no way as way.” I want for Writing Knights to be a nebula growing and changing every day absorbing brand new styles of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, music, photography… really any expression that holds merit. I want the audiences who come to our shows to feel the creative juices spurting from our performers. I want the people who buy our books to feel the blood rushing through their veins as they close the book on the final poem.

I’m not saying Cleveland poetry lacks good artistry, good poets, good writers… I’m saying I started Writing Knights to cultivate a new Venn Diagram of how these artists were presented to the poetry community and eventually to the general public. It has gotten so far as when I walk through Cleveland and I hear a street musician I like, I want to rush up to them and ask them if they want to play a gig for WK in the near future. Poetry events should be as alive as the people who are performing. Every show should have a new crowd mixed with long time fans and newcomers to the scene. No one should feel like they have to avoid a show. No one should feel like their artistic expression is invalid. That’s what I’m trying to convey with Writing Knights.

As for the production of poetry books, the Cleveland poetry scene has a multitude of amazing writers with fresh new ideas ready to burst forth and be seen by the world. But there are also many artists all around the world who are just as talented. Some are SLAM poets, some are academic poets, some are Neo-Beat poets, some are considered “underground” poets, but everyone has a voice. This is why the first rule I made for myself when it came to producing poetry books was no one will be accepted or denied on basis of their style, renown, or through nepotism. I’ve joked that there are exceptions, but I doubt Lil Wayne will ever email us with a manuscript proposal.

When I enlisted Marissa’s help, I didn’t want someone who completely shared my idea of how things should be in the Cleveland poetry scene. Certainly, I wanted someone who wanted similar ends, but my partner had to be someone with their own view on how to reach those ends. She has brought Writing Knights much needed support this past year and her contributions are greatly appreciated as our shows keep getting better and better. This is why I am taking a back seat to her and turning over the task of hosting the majority of our shows in 2013. I’ll still be at every show snapping pictures and reading benedictory pieces, but the audience will see her shiny happy face hawking chapbooks and promoting our next great adventures.

To give you all a more quantitative look at what Writing Knights will be bringing to Cleveland poetry in 2013, here is a list subject to change:
January 5 – Stroud headlines at the Literary Café, features include Cory Mikesell, Morgan Ellington and Tazer Scheaffer, we release a book by Phillip Larrea;
January 18 – Playwriting Knights II: Break a Leg will be presented at the Breakneck Gallery. Afterward will be a birthday party for yours truly;
February 2 – Vlad Swirynski headlines at the Literary Café, features include The Man Called Plush and others, Vlad will also be releasing a chapbook with us that night;
Writing Knights will also be starting a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for press necessities with more details to follow;
Entries will open soon for our Full Length book contest and super show “The Grand Tournament II” in July;
We are always accepting submissions for The Squire: Serial Anthology, our current prompts (with deadlines) are Warriors (January 15), Pirates (February 15), Karma (March 15) and Renewal (April 15);
As always we are accepting Chapbook and FourPlay submissions.

I will also be entrusting the task of writing most of the newsletters to Marissa in the future. If you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive updates when new newsletters are posted, please send an email to writingknightspress(at)

Thank you and remember… only poetry can save you now,
Azriel Johnson

P.S. – Writing Knights is accepting singular Submissions of poetry between 10-30 lines to showcase at the end of each newsletter. All poetry will be considered, multiple shorter poems may be submitted to crest the 10 line minimum. These poems should be sent in the body of an email to writingknightspress(at) with the subject line “The Bard Submission – (Poem Name) – (Author Name)”. Please send only one submission at a time, and please do not submit another piece until your previous submission is accepted (and published) or rejected.