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Full Length Submissions for 2018


Submission Call Duration: 
            12:05am (0:00) November 1, 2017 Eastern Daylight Time 
            to 11:55pm (23:55) December 31, 2017 Eastern Standard Time
             Any submissions before or after this will be deleted with no guaranteed notice.  

Submissions are Currently Closed!


A Feast of Salt by Paul Grant

$8.00 USD
Chapbook (plus Free PDF)

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E-Book (PDF)
It was the hand colouring your dreams
Finally holding yours.
About the author:
Other Books by Paul Grant:
The Loose End of the Night - IRON Press
Coming Through the Far End - Writing Knights Press
Publication Date:
Jun 08 2017
1543243363 / 9781543243369
Page Count:
Related Categories:
Poetry / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh

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Hessler Street Poetry Contest -- The Aftermath -- The Bard Newsletter #13.5

Hessler Street Poetry Anthology 2017
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Azriel Johnson (photo by Anita Keys)
Just a short word about the amazingness that was the Hessler Street Poetry Contest!

The lighting was fairly bad for photography, but people tried anyway. I personally did a little, then gave up, but encouraged others with better cameras to try.
The lighting was not a deterrent to the poetry shared. Our judges had a difficult time putting together the winners after a good hours worth of poetry.  We had poets from all over Ohio and beyond participating and the inspiration ran wild.
Christine Howey (photo by Geoffrey A. Landis)

Mary Turzillo (photo by Geoffrey A. Landis)
The venue: The Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern was gracious to host us and we appreciated the space. Pretty soon the lighting didn't matter and we all just enjoyed the poetry.
The judging drew to a close and in my hand were the winning envelopes. Third place: Keely Aaliyah with her poem: I am a Soldier. Second place was Devlinbleu Chambers with his poem: Environmental Super Nova.
Azriel Johnson (photo by Anita Keys)

Keely Aaliyah and Devlinbleu Chambers (photo by Indigo Orion)
At last, after the perfunctory delays to increase the drama, I revealed the 1st place prize...

Vince Robinson with his poem: Star Struck,
AND Christine Howey with her piece: I Was a Male Impersonator for 40 Years.

Keely Aaliyah, Christine Howey,
Vince Robinson and Devlinbleu Chambers
(photo by Geoffrey A. Landis)
A special thanks to Mac's Backs for giving me and Writing Knights the chance to put together this anthology. Thanks to all the contributors to the anthology. Thanks to ClevelandPoetics Blog for helping cover this event. Thanks to the Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern for providing the space. And the greatest thanks of all to the Hessler Street Fair for continuing year after year to bring artistic and creative joy to the Cleveland Area.

We hope to see your entry next year!

Azriel Johnson
Director of Writing Knights Press


The Wayward Sword: #RESIST

The Wayward Sword:


...words are your weapons

...make your art alive and dangerous
...it is our job to initiate the change 
we want to see in the world
...burn systems of oppression down!!!!

POETRY: Pieces between 4 and 100 lines (if you throw 100 lines down, it better be damned compelling)
Form Poetry, Free Verse, Free meter, Song Lyrics, whatever Inspires Resistance, we want it!

PROSE (fiction/nonfiction): Pieces between 100 and 500 words. RANT with a purpose, tell a story about Overcoming Adversity, beseech people to take up arms Against Injustice.

This is your forum to meet a global audience and generate global awareness!

IMAGES (300 dpi, jpg): protest signs, acts of artistic justice, nature boring her way through man's attempted control of earth, whatever you can think of to exemplify resistance!

Consider combining images and words in a single submission.

Submission Accepted:
    May 15, 2017-June 30, 2017

No Shame by Azriel Johnson

Don’t be shamed by terms like twig –
twigs are pieces of trees –
like mighty oaks standing
as guardians of the souls of mankind.
You can make my heart pound
through my skeleton
like Atalanta running a marathon.

Like majestic eagle women
soaring like thunderbirds –
rising from the ashes
of those who have tried
to burn them down –
casting shadows on lesser men
afraid of the matriarchy
shattering their precious egos.

Don’t be shamed by terms like thunder thighs –
cause those that use it with derision
forget that the seasons are punctuated
by forces of nature’s mating calls –
like powerful bison roll across the prairie –
like Paul Bunyan’s ox –
Babe I lose my breath
and turn blue without you.

Like fertility goddess totems
from the cradle of society –
descended to Victorian ages
of wide hips singing all the men’s ships –
standards of beauty shift –
like earth mother’s flesh
wrapping folds of herself
causing rocky erections
lasting billions of years.

Don’t be shamed by femininity.
Two souled people have been revered
by our ancestors since the dawn of cognition.
You are true healers
because you can understand all aspects of humanity,
because you ARE all aspects of humanity.
You have the force of Scylla and Charybdis
as you tear apart normalcy
and devour every scrap of life you can.

Your transition is one of reality –
mythological in proportion –
our shamanic journeys lead
through your example of perseverance
and distortion of normal to find the truth.

Don’t be shamed by terms like bitch.
That just means you’re standing up for yourself.
Like slut, that just means you’re bold in seeking your desires –
like cunt the holiest of holes,
armor, sheath, protector, essence and life bringer.
And for Aphrodite’s sake –
never –
ever –
be shamed by the term…

Azriel Johnson is an inkspatter analyst by day, a serial writer by knight, curator of amazing poetry for Writing Knights Press and always looking for new experiences. He can be contacted personally at azrieljohnson@live.com.