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National Poetry Month 2018 - 10/30 (10 pieces in 30 days)

While there’s nothing wrong with 30/30 challenges for National Poetry Month, we at Writing Knights believe there is more to effective writing than just writing piece after piece (we do not want to discourage you from writing as many pieces as you want for NPM, you do what you do). Writing is also about sharing pieces and editing those pieces to make them better.

Anyone interested can join the new Writing Knights Roundtable group on Facebook and share pieces there (videos are preferred, but shy people can copy/paste their words if they want feedback). URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wkroundtable/

Any questions can be directed to WK Pressman on Facebook (please send a message referencing National Poetry Month): https://www.facebook.com/wkpressman

This entry will be updated daily. Savvy internet users can work ahead if they choose.

04-01: Prompt A: Write a piece equating love and foolishness with the struggle of life and death.

04-02: Prompt B: Write a piece from the point of view of a side character in a story, show, or movie you like, BUT don’t mention any names or the media.

04-03: Prompt C: Write a piece directed at someone you find attractive, but are out of reach for whatever reason (a celebrity, for example), BUT don’t mention any names.

04-04: Share A: with someone you care about.

04-05: Prompt D: Pick a monster and write a piece from their point of view as they interact with the world (brownie points if you make up your own monster).

04-06: Share B: with someone who is also a fan of that story, show or movie.

04-07: Share C: with someone you also find attractive (or a significant other), ask them how the piece makes them feel, take notes.

04-08: Prompt E: Write a parody piece of a well known song/poem. Change it enough to make it unique and/or funny, but keep it similar enough that someone would know the original.

04-09: Edit A: for cliché and over used terms.

04-10: Prompt F: Ask yourself five questions and answer them as thoroughly as possible in 100 words or less.

04-11: Share D: with someone who knows a lot about monsters. Take notes on what they thought.

04-12: Edit B: for stronger hints toward the character without mentioning names.

04-13: Prompt G: Describe someone you know only using poetry terms (example, your nose is the punctuation of the sonnet of your face).

04-14: Edit C: by incorporating the notes into the original piece, turn non-concrete words into something more easily imagined.

04-15: Prompt H: Write a piece where you are purposefully cliché. Go so far down the rabbit hole that the poem comes out the other end as brilliant.

04-16: Share E: with someone who is a fan of the song/poem you parodied. Take notes.

05-01 to 05-10: Submit your pieces to The Wayward Sword at waywardswordsubs@gmail.com Subject line: “National Poetry Month 2018”. Depending on how many submissions, they will be included in either the Grand Tournament adjacent release in July 2018 or the Break the Mold collection in May 2018.


Fully Formed by Alexis-Rueal

$10.00 USD
(plus Free PDF)

Coming Soon

Here resides wonder,
here, our hope lives on.
Here, a cherished sight.
Here, we love the light.
-- “Here We Love the Light”

About the author: 
Alexis-Rueal was born in Kentucky, raised in Marion, Ohio, and has been a fixture in the Columbus, Ohio poetry scene since 2011.  Since moving to Columbus, she has authored the Chapbooks, “Letter to 20,” (Poet’s Haven Press) and “According to the Results,” (Writing Knights Press) along with performing at festivals and venues throughout Ohio and Kentucky.  She was a member of The Women of Appalachia: Women Speak project in 2016-17. Her first full-length collection, “I Speak Hick,” was published by Writing Knights Press in 2016.

When not writing and performing,
ballroom dances, and spends time with her family.


500 Cleveland Haiku by Michael Ceraolo

$15.00 USD
Full Length Book
(plus Free PDF)

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
An undrained swamp---
the Garden of Eden
for all the world's mosquitoes

Man on a park bench---
a dead ringer
for the Cowardly Lion

Funeral rite---
another building now
ashes to ashes, dust to dust

About the author: 
Michael Ceraolo is a retired firefighter/paramedic and active poet. His publications include Euclid Creek (Deep Cleveland Press), and the chapbooks Cleveland Haiku (Green Panda Press), More Euclid Creek and Cleveland Scores Early (Kendra-Steiner Editions), and Readings/The Road: Two Poems from Euclid Creek Book Three (Crisis Chronicles Press).
This is his second full-length book of poetry.


The Wayward Sword: Break the Mold

put an end to a restrictive pattern of events or behavior by doing things in a markedly different way.

The Wayward Sword wants to break the mold of typical literary mag conventions.  We are seeking your experimental work.  The work you thought you'd never want to show anyone because it's so "out there" that people "just won't get it."

We want it! 

Submissions Accepted:
    February 1, 2018-April 30, 2018

See also: Prompt - Anti-Mimetic; Prompt - Iconoclasm; Prompt - Personify Poems; & Cover Art.


Poetry Contest -- Hessler Street Fair 2018

Hessler Street Poetry
Anthology 2017
Poetry Contest

2018 Poetry at the Hessler Street Fair

During the months of March and April of 2018 we will be accepting submissions for the 2018 Hessler Street Fair Poetry Contest and its corresponding anthology. Contest is free to enter and open to anyone age 14 and up. Winners will receive cash prizes and get to read their poems live at this year's Fair.
  • 1st Place winning poet will receive $100
  • 2nd Place winning poet will receive $50
  • 3rd Place winning poet will receive $25
Host: Azriel Johnson
(Photo by AnitaKeys)

When and where:

Submissions will be accepted from March 15th to April 15, 2018. We will let you know by April 30th if your work has been accepted for the anthology. Poets will be invited to read their accepted works during the contest reading. The poetry contest reading will take place May 23, 2018, at 7 pm, at Happy Dog (11625 Euclid Ave). Shortly after the reading, our panel of judges will select three winners to receive cash prizes and read live at the Hessler Street Fair itself.

Here is the Facebook event for the Happy Dog Reading

The 2018 Hessler Street Fair will take place June 2nd and 3rd from 11 am to dusk, rain or shine, on Hessler Road and Hessler Court in Cleveland. The exact time of winning poets' reading will be announced soon.

Before you submit, please read these guidelines:

Christine Howey Co-Winner in 2017
(Photo by Geoffrey A. Landis)

SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN! (click Read More to see the guidelines)