Indigo Inquest -- Dragon's Bane Series: Book 4 by Azriel Johnson

Novel - 352 pages, 6' x 9", ISBN: 978-1710759617
Kingsley is on the hunt for revenge. An Inquest of epic proportions. His mission must be fulfilled by any means necessary, using countless unsavory characters and methods that make even the most tyrannical combatants shy away in disgust.

Plato struggles with the duality of being a man who can hear the thoughts of Dragons & Humans alike. He finds & loses love, he embraces & shuns connection, he resists & accepts the darker parts of himself. All for one goal... 

$20.00 USD
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About the Author: 
Azriel Johnson is an inkspatter analyst by day and a serial writer by night. Currently he can be found teaching English in China if you’re looking hard enough. He also is attempting to learn Chinese, but it is still poor. He admires his students for trying to learn English as he thinks speaking English is much more difficult than speaking Chinese, although the written characters trip him up. His goal is to be bi-lingual by the time he leaves, even if he is still functionally illiterate in Chinese.

Fighting With My Passion by Gary W. Rife II

Mixed Media - 42 pages, 8.5" x 11", ISBN:
Eighteen paintings with vignettes by world-reknown artist Gary W. Rife II.These paintings run the gamut of emotion following a decorated military man and his life, love and relationships before and after his enlistment. 

About the author: It gives me joy to wake up and know that I get to paint, draw, and do something creative to hopefully inspire the world. My goals are simple, inspire everyone, make one person smile, avoid the naysayers, and make new ideas come to life.

Still Speak by Emily Reid Green

Chapbook - 42 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN:
Rainfall or fallout, we've come undone,
tenebrous wasteland, darkened sun,
splintered threads, ambitions none,
embarrassed by our own.

The Goldilocks convictions you validate
ad hock humanity we formed too late,
embarrassed by our own. 

$10.00 USD
(Free PDF with Purchase)

About the author: Emily Reid Green’s poetry has appeared in various publications, including: The Ekphrastic Review, Gravel, Eunoia Review, Khroma Magazine, 1932 Quarterly, and Dying Dahlia Review. Last spring, she was a sponsored poet with Tiferet Journal. She lives with her family in Toledo, Ohio.

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no dyeing in machines by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

a terminally tanned
island transplant
with a glassy eye
who claimed he once
worked for Streisand
asked us for 80 cents
he said he was hit
by an ambulance
right there on Front Street
right in the road where
we were standing --
3 lawyers were
chasing him 

$10.00 USD
(Free PDF with Purchase)

About the author: 
Wanda Morrow Clevenger wrote eight poems in a handful of months in 1974; thirty-four years later she returned to writing. She has since placed over 467 pieces of work in 158 print and electronic literary journals and anthologies. 

In August of 2013, while compiling the manuscript for this book she fell ill with pancreatitis, further complicated by necrosis in the following nine months, and wasn’t expected to survive. One year later, almost to the day, she sat down to finish "where the hogs ate the cabbage." 

She has her husband to thank for the title.