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The Bard Newsletter #8

Greetings and Salutations!

So I just finished cleaning up the gmail inbox (where all of our submissions lived for a while, some as long as a year or more). I felt a little embarrassed, but I have finally come to a definitive "I will have this read by" and we're calling it August 31st, 2015.  So if you've submitted something you'll have an answer by then.  Once we get books in queue for production we may or may not open submissions for chaps and full lengths again, haven't decided, we might wait until January 2016 to open again just so there is no overwhelming things happening again with my new job.

We recently crowned a new Grand Tournament champion, Alexis-Rueal, she and I are in tentative talks for her full length book, there is nothing definite yet, but soon... soon....

I will be instructing J.J. our blogger in the fine art of chapbook construction and siccing her on the 2nd Edition releases, starting with Marc Mannheimer's "if the moon was right".  After that I'll probably get her onto some other highly requested second editions and anthologies.

Speaking of Anthologies... I have decided to phase out "The Squire" moniker.  No one seems to care and it would help bring about a sense of continuity for Writing Knights anthologies for sales purposes, so when 2nd Editions of former Squire anthologies are released they will be done so without "The Squire: Volume Anything" after them (Except maybe the first couple Squires since the artwork incorporates them inextricably).  There may be some combining of past anthologies, like 2011 & 2012 Best Of since those were so long ago.  Other early anthologies might be combined and consolidated as well in the 2nd Edition release cycle.

Speaking of releases... our illustrious editor and founder Azriel Johnson has released Writing Knights' first Novel Sunset Red.  Click the link to read the back of the book and potentially purchase it (I had to make an edit on the cover so it might be unavailable at the time of posting this message, I'll update this when it's for sure available). Send your friends to the Dragon's Bane Series Facebook page for likes and to Get Notifications so they can stay up to date!

Our Monday Night open mic/stage nights are going pretty well. We have small, but ferocious crowds.  I swear I'm recording the nights' events, I just haven't gotten around to posting the blogs. I'll try to get on that soonly, it's one of the things that I need to catch up on.

Speaking of things to catch up on, I am backlogged for Five Question Friday interviews, but I'll try to remedy that as well.  In addition, we may start having weekly installments of novel length stories posted on the WKroundtable blog if the authors agree to it.  If you have a book release coming up or you just want me to ask you five questions, please feel free to send me an email at writingknights(at) with "Writing Knights Interview" as the subject.

Other things to email me about... hrm... well we are looking to have at least one paid feature per month for the foreseeable future so if you are interested in getting an extra $20 to perform some words on  Monday night, email me at writingknights(at) "Writing Knights Feature".

In conjunction with J.J. and I going over the chapbook creation, we will also be setting up Writing Knights' Patreon account. This will be a monthly submission service which will allow our supporters to give us money per month and receive all of the books we release in that month. August's subscribers will receive (so far) a copy of Sunset Red which is retailed at $20. We might be able to squeak out a chapbook by the end of the month... Maybe...

I think that's it for now. I'm going to dot this entry with videos from the Grand Tournament now.

Thanks for reading!
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Sunset Red -- Dragon's Bane Series: Book 1 by Azriel Johnson

Published August 8, 2015
Novel-Cover A - 334 pages, 6" x 9", ISBN: 978-1515369134
After two decades of abject annihilation, Humans develop a new weapon against their Overlords, Dragon's Bane. Eight months later, the first force field is erected over Los Angeles. Force fields soon cover other Human cities.

Four years later, the Los Angeles barrier falls and Dragons stake claim to what they refer to as Sunset Red.

Present Sixteen year old, John Ross Gerstung sets forth from his miserable village to join the Human army and escape a Tyrant Dragon. Despite the family legacy of warriors before him, JR struggles daily with adolescent yearnings. Also, voices filter through his head whenever he's around Dragons.

He's trained all his life to fight Dragons.

But first he has to take care of his childhood bullies.

$20.00 USD
Novel-Cover A

(plus FREE PDF)
$20.00 USD
Novel-Cover B

(plus FREE PDF)

Novel-Cover B - 334 pages, 6" x 9", ISBN: 9781515395638
About the author:
Azriel Johnson is an inkspatter analyst by day and a serial writer by night.

He enjoys everything about the written word, even the things that annoy him like text speak.
He relishes imperfection, so if any of his readers finds a typo in any of his books he will sign their copy and write them a short letter of philosophy and thanks.

He is cautiously optimistic about the future of the Human race, Dragons or no. He believes in prophecy and the Dragon's Bane Series comes straight from a part of himself he believes probably exists... somewhere....

In his spare time (what's that?), Azriel plays fantasy games, practices yoga, blogs (sometimes), listens to music, meditates and practices shamanism. You can also find him asking interesting questions on his Facebook Fan Page.