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The Bard Newsletter #9

Greetings, Salutations and Happy New Year!

Writing Knights has an exciting New Year of events, releases and projects planned coming up.

We just released Secular, Satirical & Sacred Meditations by James Schwartz and following that we have a bevy of books in the waiting to be released.

In some semblance (but nothing concrete) order:

The Best of 2015 Anthology
The Pirates/Tribute Anthology
A Full Length release by Grand Tournament IV Champion, Alexis-Rueal.
Grand Tournament III Champion Nkechi Edeh recently messaged me saying she is almost finished with her manuscript so hopefully we will get that out this year.
A collection of Bethany W. Pope's most interesting social media posts (trust me, this is some raw and edgy stuff)
Various 2nd Editions including Masha Allah by Andrew Line, Something from Nothing by PC Vandall and more!

In regards to events, Writing Knights has a full docket of plans coming forth.

Every First Friday in Canton at Studio (216) in the 2nd April Galerie we collect four performers to regale passersby as we sell Writing Knights Press books alongside Skyified Crochet items. 

January 1st, we had Kristin Werstler, Eric 'Redhawk' Macuski, JM Romig and Donny....
February 5th, we have scheduled Andrew Line, Hayley Swain, Steve Brightman and Theresa Gottl-Brightman.
We are still seeking features for March 4th and beyond.  More details here.

Once a month, in addition to our regular Writing Knights: Stark weekly Open Mic we will also have 2 or 3 features usually with some kind of book release. 
January 18th we have Leah Mueller and Azriel Johnson as dual book release, birthday bash.  You can get more details here.
February 22nd we have Alexis-Rueal and Colton Bose scheduled.
February 29th we may be interested in doing something involved with Leap Day.
And we are still looking to have at least one feature per month for the rest of the year.  More details here.

National Poetry Month brings us two great goings on.
First and foremost, Stark Knights, our annual Stark County Poetry Tour.  We perform poetry in different locations throughout the county bringing poetry to places it might not already be prevalent.  You can get more details here.

Also, we will be unveiling a new National Poetry Month set of prompts.  This year's theme will be In & Out.  More details later.

In addition, we will be releasing the last two NPM anthologies, Super Heroes/Villains and Vestigial Words.  We haven't decided if we're releasing them together or separately.

Grand Tournament submissions open from March 5th to June 4th under many of the same rules as previous tournaments though we do have some tweaks coming.

Now to the projects!

If you haven't noticed, we have been lax on the weekly Monday blogs.  Well, after much consideration, we have decided to discontinue those postings (as they were fairly nonspecific and didn't really serve any purpose).  Instead, Writing Knights has started an Instagram account @WritingKnights and during different Writing Knights related events we will be posting pictures with varying amounts of editing and filtering.  Follow us!

We are also in the finishing processes of putting together a catalog to show off our wares to various bookstores and other book inclined businesses.  We are hoping to get the catalog out by the end of January.

The impending release of The Wayward Sword: Dangerous Submissions litmag should be out by the end of January as well.

For the next year, we are including a Fiction Friday installment from Max Szredni called "The Strange Town in the Middle of the Forest".  See it here.  Enjoy!

Finally, as many of you know, Writing Knights likes to record shows for posterity, but in general, these recordings haven't received a lot of attention, largely because they are probably too bloody long.  To remedy that, we have decided to pull together an intermittent series of videos.  We're calling it (for now) WKTV

Here is our first episode:

If we get a good response to this, we'll start delving into our vaults for more episodes. So like, comment, subscribe and promote if you want to see more!

Thanks for reading/watching!

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Secular, Satirical & Sacred Meditations by James Schwartz

Published January 11, 2016
Chapbook - 36 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 9781523384846
Land of lapping lakes,
Peninsula, / & / Pine.
Alexis de Tocqueville,
Frontiersmen, / & / Forefathers.

Detroit flood, / & / Detroit debt,
Our kingdom for a drop of water.

-- A Drop of Water

Secular, Satirical & Sacred Meditations examines the role of the poet in the current Age of Terror. By turn "Secular, Satirical & Sacred Meditations" includes both political ("Je Suis Charlie", "A Drop of Water") and personal meditations on love, loss, disability, sexuality and the author's Alpine/ Alsace Amish heritage. Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

$10.00 USD

(plus FREE PDF)

About the author:
Schwartz's poetry has been published by various poetry journals including Poetry 24, Politiku, @7x20, Babel: The Multilingual Multicultural Online Journal, The New Verse News, Nostrovia! Poetry, piecejournal and Silver Birch Press blog.

His book, The Literary Party: Growing Up Gay and Amish in America, was published by inGroup Press in 2011 and poetry in Among the Leaves: Queer Male Poets on the Midwestern Experience (2012), Milk and Honey Siren eBook (2013), The Squire: Page-A-Day Poetry Anthology 2015, Writing Knights Press 2014 Anthology, QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology (2015) and Alpine Suite (2013), Poetry 4 Food 2 (2013), Poetry 4 Food 3 (2014), Arrival and Departure (2014) chapbooks and FourPlays.

Most recently, essays by Schwartz have appeared in RFD Magazine, The Good Men Project, Best of Books by the Bed 2 anthology (2014) and a short story in Jonathan: A Journal of Queer Male Fiction (2014). He resides in Michigan.