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The awkwardness of adulating flowers by Cee Williams

$15.00 USD
Full Length Book
Cee Williams is an angler of anglers, a fisher of men. His new collection, 'The Awkwarness of Adulating Flowers,' is a series of life's resonant lessons, write large and deep on the human canvas, in five powerful chapters. Though there are many fine moments throughout, this volume builds to one of the best climaxes of a poetry collection in many moons. The work stuns with a beauty, a depth and a loveliness that dovetail sadness and joy into a plaintive song of the deepest mystery of all.
-Don Wentworth  
Editor, Liliput Review
hLike the young blood of this collection's first sequence, Cee Williams has "something to do with [his] hands": that is, to render with sharp-eyed empathy, in poems spare and expansive, the pain and beauty of workaday lives; of old men who live to fish because they have fished to live; of a mother who stares down age and illness with the strength and grace of Ali in the ring; and of anyone who has ever walked the streets of Williams's Erie or of any town, with "a freight train of contrition" drowning out his voice. THE AWKWARDNESS OF ADULATING FLOWERS speaks for these lives the way scripture speaks for the glorious mystery of being.
-George Guida
Author, Pugilistic
Cee Williams currently serves as the fourth poet laureate of Erie County (PA) He is a past recipient of a Chautauqua Writers Grant and the creator and founder of Poets' Hall and Poets' Hall Press a community organization dedicated to the presentation and publication of poetry and spoken word. Williams is the author of four chapbook length poetry collections and his work has appeared in journals and anthologies both online and in print.

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A New Look, and Some Goals: The Bard Newsletter #10

Things are a-changing around the Writing Knights sites...

At first glance, the site might not look that different, but if you'll notice which site you are on exactly, you'll see that you're actually on

That's because as of today we've retired the and sites.

The idea is to consolidate things and put everything Writing Knights related under one site.  This weekend we will probably be overhauling the landing site to reflect these changes.

Looks different now huh? :)

So why the change?  Well, the director had a productive marketing meeting which helped influence these changes.  So there will be a lot of changes going into effect for the Writing Knights sites because we have some goals.

See... the director is pretty much clueless as it pertains to marketing. Sure the director does okay with SEO and such by itself, but he doesn't know the things that he should know. So far the director has been a "throw it at the wall and see if it sticks" kind of guy. So having someone with some marketing knowledge to help the director focus his throws to the wall will hopefully help.

We want to be able to pay EVERY performer we get. We want to be able to pay EVERY author who submits their work. We want to be able to pay everyone on the team so they won't need to work another job. The director mathed it out and when Writing Knights can generate $170,000 per year, we can afford to pay a five person team (including the director) $15/hr for fifty-two 40 hour weeks.

It's certainly a lofty goal, but when it happens... that will be a glorious day.

In the mean time, we've had some happenings come up that have hindered our progress.  Namely the laptop the director uses for chapbook formatting has gone to shit. It probably just needs a battery, but it hasn't been high on the priority list.

On positive news, Writing Knights has new shirts. They are sleek and black and you'll be seeing a lot of posts about them in the coming weeks.

The Stark Knights 2016 tour is going strong and we are about halfway through.

The National Poetry Month 30/30 "In and Out" looks pretty interesting. We look forward to be awash with submissions.

Further changes: the YouTube channel will be repopulated with almost all of the videos and the videos which are not posted will be formatted in ways in which they will be able to be posted eventually. We have decided (with marketing help) that our videos should be shorter to accommodate the convenience of our viewers. In addition to enacting these shorter videos to our future videos, slowly but surely we will be cutting up our longer videos into smaller videos (probably by pieces) and having them available on YouTube and this site.

There is so much more that we can't even get into right now, but making The Bard a priority once or twice a month is among the goals so you should be kept up to date.

Thanks for reading,

The Writing Knights Team