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WK:S, GTV and LEP-NPS: The Bard Newsletter #11

Slowly, but surely we are moving things forward in the direction of getting everything on up and synced. 

As mentioned on social media, we have an announcement that will affect everyone who are regular attendees of Writing Knights: Stark (or at least who live in Stark County and want to be regular attendees).

Since we have had fairly low attendance for the past few months we have decided to bite part of the bullet and make some changes. Mondays just don't seem to be good for anyone trying to attend our weekly open mics. That being said we are going to discontinue the Monday Open Mics as of August 29th (the final Monday Open Mic). 

*Pause for Effect*

Instead we are going to move to having Last Saturday performers going on stage at Cultured Coffee.  The first effective Last Saturday Performances will be August 26th.

In addition, Writing Knights: Stark will also begin hosting periodical readings at our (Azriel and Skylark) home. We're calling the experiment "House Poetry".

The format will be simple. If someone is itching for some poetry, they text/email/call/contact us and say, "Hey, can we do some poetry sometime?" Then we'll compare our schedules and either work out an intimate gathering of just a few people in our living room reading or playing music to one another OR with more time organize a larger soiree.

So why the change?  We feel like we want to be more flexible with how our creative juices intermingle. If people are able to get together on their own terms and these terms can coincide somehow things will be better for the creativity of us all.

We may also plot out days a month or so in advance to invite people over until they feel comfortable enough to ask to do poetry on their own. It's going to be as free form as possible to inspire the most creativity.

For those who are closer friends of Writing Knights there will be a photo shoot July 30th before the Grand Tournament at the house where House Poetry will be held.

Speaking of the Grand Tournament....

The Grand Tournament is on and full force ready for July 30th!
Our Five Competitors are Dionne D. Hunter, Ephraim Nehemiah, James Croal Jackson, Jamie Laubacher and Jordan "T-Shirt" Sandidge.

The Winner of course gets $100 and a full length book deals. The other competing finalists get $15 and chapbook deals.

Facebook Event Link

Additionally we are bringing back the Haiku Joust where Haikuists battle back and forth to see has the most profound/stinging 17 syllables. The winner of the Haiku Joust earns a chapbook deal.

Facebook Side Event Link

The suggested donation for the event is $5. We won't turn anyone away if you can't pay, but all of the money raised is going to the Lake Effect Poetry Slam team in a last ditch effort to make enough money to get the team to Decatur, Georgia for the National Poetry Slam competition. What would be better if you purchased one of the Grand Tournament V Anthologies which will be available by the show.

If, instead of donating, you'd prefer to get something for your money, Writing Knights will have a full spread of books and Tshirts. All money made from these sales will go to Lake Effect Poetry for the National Poetry Slam competition.

If you can't make it to the Grand Tournament and want to support Lake Effect Poetry you have two other opportunities.

July 23rd will be a Showcase & Send off of the team featuring all members of the team as well as work from Skylark Bruce and the Slamministrator Vertigo Xi'an Xavier.

Facebook Event Link

Also, at any time you can Buy Books or Donate to Lake Effect Poetry through this page: here. Not to be impatient, but try to do it before the team leaves July 31st.

If you have any questions, talk/text to Azriel or Skylark on Mondays, or find us on Facebook to interact there.

Thanks for reading,

The Writing Knights Team