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New Branding, Make Me Clean Devil - The Bard Newsletter #12

In general, when the Universe tells you something, it's a good idea to listen.  When the Universe: eliminates your shows performers; doesn't compel your venue to promote; doesn't inspire your fellow artisans to show up; doesn't encourage your local word-based friends to plan to be there; diverts your audience to another close by venue; repeats this over and over and makes you question your sanity for even trying to keep on keeping on....

It's probably a good idea to reexamine your tactics.

People like videos, it seems.  Short videos.  They like videos they can watch and smile and at share and move on.  They like videos they can easily share with their friends and family.  They like having this kind of quick access.  People like being able to have experiences brought to them, to be made convenient.  That's the world we are in.

So that's the direction Writing Knights is going... we are still going to do shows, but we are going to do online shows.  We are going to get poets to record themselves (or be recorded) for five minute sets and compiled into shows which will be easily distributed from YouTube, over Facebook, shared on Twitter, posted on Tumblr, short clips over Instagram, maybe Snapchat.

All the videos just taking up space on the current WK Youtube channel? Made available for the participants to download.  Archived. Possibly cut up for the best pieces and re-posted later.  Streamlined.

The great thing about these new shows? We can get ANYONE from ANYWHERE put together.  People we've never met.  People we've only met once because they live so bleeding far away.

Buy some TSHIRTS already!
National Poetry Month?  Potentially 30 days of videos.  The Patreon account? Needs some videos as well!

Mostly, we need people to care. People need to help us build the brand which can hopefully unite the world of writing from poetry, to fiction to nonfiction, from slam poetry to beat poetry to underground to academic.  We are too RARE of a breed to be divided like we are. ESPECIALLY in NEOhio.

We are going to make a specific post dealing with the recording of the videos in the coming days as well as an event for people to send to folks over Facebook and Twitter.  We want as many people as we can get and if things play out right, we will have the best possible National Poetry Month in 2017.

Thanks for reading,

Azriel Johnson
Director of Writing Knights Press