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Dangerous Submissions -- The Wayward Sword

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Litmag (plus PRINTABLE PDF)

We asked those who submitted to show us what is dangerous...

They did.

See their blood, sweat, tears, shit, mucus, broken bones, stitched hearts, brains ripped to shreds.
About the author:
Mark Antony Rossi -- Grant Tarbard -- Dr. Irum Alvi -- Lynn White -- Michael Karl (Richie) -- Michael McInnis -- Thasia Lunger -- James Schwartz -- Jonathan Thorn -- Rollo Nye -- Annika Lindok -- Sheena Zilla -- Strider Marcus Jones -- J.M. Romig -- Thomas Fucaloro -- Chris Stewart -- Craig Firsdon -- Geoffrey A. Landis -- Matthew Rempe -- Chelan Riebe -- Priscilla Alarconn -- Shabab Nahian Kabir
Publication Date:
Jan 19 2017
154258261X / 9781542582612
Page Count:
Black and White
Related Categories:
Poetry / Anthologies

Reviews on Goodreads

Hack by Azriel Johnson with Photography by Jonathan Laslo

Mixed Media - 48 pages, 8.5" x 11", ISBN: 9781541173811
This diamond-sharp experiment with theme and variations cuts to the heart of Azriel Johnson's focus in forceful, intense strokes.

Watch especially how he exploits the sonnet form. Johnson doesn't pander: as a poet, he's the real deal.
-- Mary Turzillo,
winner of the SFPA Elgin Award for "Lovers & Killers" (2013)

Jonathan captures exactly with his photographs exactly what I had in mind with my poetry for this collection.
-- Azriel Johnson
$10.00 USD
(Free PDF with Purchase)

About the author:
Azriel Johnson is the Director of Operations for Writing Knights Press, hosting occasional showcases in North East Ohio.

He was a member of the 2014 Lake Effect Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam team, 2016 Lake Effect National Poetry Slam team.

He is a wordsmith in many aspects of the craft including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, stage plays and songs.

His current words of wisdom: "People like to dress up their words with labels like 'poetry'. Just write baby, just write."