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Masha Allah by And(y)i Line

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"Were you proud of the way you turned them against me, as if I were the predator? This is not a poem about how much I hate you, or how broken I am; it's a celebration of reclamation and budding wings! of not feeling sick to my stomach every time a new man touches me, of not running from soft music and lit candles as if they are the fires of hell."
- Wing Buds [pt. 2]

"In a state of mind every bit as broken as 36 years of trampled eggshells, she told me she loved me. It was only the second time I'd ever seen her, but I had no doubt that those words were the closest things to truth that she owned."
- For Teri
About the author:
If you were to ask
Andrew who he is,
the first word out of his mouth
would undoubtedly be "artist."
More specifically, he is
a 20-something transgender *Hipster*
(shhhh! don't tell!),
a proud mother
to the most brilliant and beautiful
Princess in the world,
a Queer Rights activist,
a lover and dreamer.
His current endeavors include
learning Arabic and staying clean.
Andrew spends his free time
reading books on philosophy
that are way over his head,
watching the movie "Rent"
(over and over),
singing in the shower,
studying the psychology
of serial killers and
tearing apart enchanted forests
while slaying dragons
with his galaxy-renowned Kung-Fu skills.
His biggest pipe dreams
are to one day get his PhD
and stop moving so !@#$ much.
He firmly believes that Oxford commas
are for
Publication Date:
Feb 04 2017
1542756065 / 9781542756068
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Poetry / LGBT

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