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no dyeing in machines by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

Published December 31, 2018
Chapbook - 44 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 978-1792918278
a terminally tanned
island transplant
with a glassy eye
who claimed he once
worked for Streisand
asked us for 80 cents
he said he was hit
by an ambulance
right there on Front Street
right in the road where
we were standing --
3 lawyers were
chasing him 

$10.00 USD

(plus FREE PDF)
$10 - 1 book
$15 - 2 books

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About the author: 
Wanda Morrow Clevenger wrote eight poems in a handful of months in 1974; thirty-four years later she returned to writing. She has since placed over 467 pieces of work in 158 print and electronic literary journals and anthologies. 

In August of 2013, while compiling the manuscript for this book she fell ill with pancreatitis, further complicated by necrosis in the following nine months, and wasn’t expected to survive. One year later, almost to the day, she sat down to finish "where the hogs ate the cabbage." 

She has her husband to thank for the title.

BEST OF THE KNIGHT 2018 #10 - Idiotic Idioms by Kevin Frederick Smith

from Hessler Street Fair Anthology 2018 published by Writing Knights Press

$14 (we will make it available for purchase soon)
Now, I may not be the sharpest needle in the haystack,
but I am not barking up the wrong elephant in the room
when I give you this advice:

When life gives you lemons,
kill two birds with a grain of salt.

After all, slow and steady wins the best thing
since sliced eggs in one basket!

It ain't over 'till the fat lady cries over a baby’s bottom…
but that’s the pot calling the kettle greener on the other side!

I guess the cat's out of the closet,
but you can’t judge a book by everything but the kitchen sink!

I may have bitten off more than I can shake an arm
and a leg at here,
but it takes two to jump on the bandwagon through the grapevine,
so let’s not beat around the whole nine yards
between a rock and a hard piece of cake.

But before I go, allow me to share one final piece of wisdom:

Once in a blue goose chase,
every dog has his silver lining when pigs fly!

Please note: Best of the Knight is not a ranking of the top 10 pieces, just a selection of such.

BEST OF THE KNIGHT 2018 #9 - Shadow People by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

from "no dyeing in machines" by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

no dyeing in machines available December 2018 $10
There’s this couple

in single breasted
and satin Dior
whose shadows
in candle light
to a Bakelite Philco 
on red kitchen tile.

And there’s a woman who
teaches him the two-step
in two non-refundable
another shows him her
tattoo bookmarked by
white bra strap.

And there’s a man
had two too many who
prates what he believes
he will do to her;
another says he likes her
––she’s interesting.

There’s this couple
in a bar in a town
people think they know.

originally from Diverse Voices Quarterly – November 6, 2013


Please note: Best of the Knight is not a ranking of the top 10 pieces, just a selection of such.

BEST OF THE KNIGHT 2018 #8 - ROSES SUCK! by Jamie Kahn

from "Hey" by Jamie Kahn

Purchase "Hey" - $10

Roses suck.

They were fine before I started working in a flower shop

I love flowers
I do not love
heavy buckets of plant food
writing out
“I love you”
“happy birthday”
“I miss you”
until my hands cramp up
I did get one “my wife will never know about last night”
my chuckles did not make up for the soreness in my fingers
my whole body was sore, actually
my back from lifting the buckets
my feet from standing all day
and my hands
from writing the cards, yes
but also from those stupid fucking roses
they’re really expensive
but do you know why?
Because people like me slave away whittling off each thorn
so, if they’re not expensive they’ll probably still have thorns
and they’ll probably make you bleed
so anyway, the flower shop
just like a rose
my labor was inexpensive, and thus, made me bleed
work sucks, roses suck
and most of all
working with roses sucks
being awakened to the toil that goes into pretty things
well, it sucks
so don’t buy roses for me, or any other girl
sunflowers are easy to work with, so go for those instead
they’re discounted on Tuesdays.


Please note: Best of the Knight is not a ranking of the top 10 pieces, just a selection of such.

BEST OF THE KNIGHT 2018 #7 - Mutiny Against Cortisol by Casey Krysztofik

from "Give Life Back to Me" by Casey Krysztofik

Purchase "Give Life Back to Me" - $10

You kneel in solitary confinement
to an oppressive master
who naturally takes pleasure in destroying you.
This unchecked tyrant lassos fishnets with tar
paralyzing travel as if a python closing hunger
out in one knot.

Dictating abusive memories
which trigger repetitious whips in thunderous stampede
where dusty mist blocks the present landscape.
Piling weight on the belly for storage.

No guilty conscience in you.
This departure from a loving life saddens me.
You have so much more to give
but cannot become victorious
by having a mutiny by yourself.

A foreign melody with my own words.
Bathe in peace to function with a clear mind.
Escape from the rut on the ground
and arouse a swelling spirit
to stand up with your scars from battles overcome.

Passion to stay tough to withstand full punches.
A crescendo inspires a comforting high
which lightens the heart.
Your gift will strengthen people by promoting
a warm, healthy beauty they enjoy
and have no desire to make it disappear.

An art where invisible vibes thrust out from their bodies
while gasping a pleasure with never ending drive.

Please note: Best of the Knight is not a ranking of the top 10 pieces, just a selection of such.

BEST OF THE KNIGHT 2018 #6 - Sage by Anna Kist

from "Clouds in the Corner" by Anna Kist

Purchase "Clouds in the Corner" - $10

A slope straight slap into the slip knot my wet feet got me

Currying favors into the foxholes. 

Heels spiked by blow and tip-toeing

through their most malicious populace

Cause I was 75 percent masochist

when only 25 percent through with this.

Had the primo corpse for the hard wind

and choice tear salt in the primrose of my youth.

Now the buckshot-messenger

The salt of the earth craving the ocean.

Please note: Best of the Knight is not a ranking of the top 10 pieces, just a selection of such.

BEST OF THE KNIGHT 2018 #5 - As in Heaven by Lorraine Cipriano

from "The Good, The Bad, The Lorraine by Lorraine Cipriano

Purchase "The Good, The Bad, The Lorraine" - $10

Way in which he controlled
her body with each motion
rendering it unknowable to
her feeble mortal mind
chemical signatures on the Sun
remnants of their collision
such a fertile concept of lust
no known counterpart on Earth
composed of exotic particles
becoming more than it should be
their kisses shifting seasons
multiple physical laws operating
at once causing this phenomena
like the spectra of red stars
each exploding the same way
a spasm of release over and over
shout-out to God for creating
this cosmic possibility for now
revealing this map of Heaven
destinations include his thighs
and the crook of his neck


Please note: Best of the Knight is not a ranking of the top 10 pieces, just a selection of such.

BEST OF THE KNIGHT 2018 #4 - Scars (Sestina) - Alexis-Rueal

from "Fully Formed" by Alexis-Rueal

Purchase "Fully Formed" $10
Point to one of these scars
and it will tell you a story.
They are writ large on this body;
you can see them in these eyes.
I will tell you plainly the truth
of these rough and nubby edges.

What are these edges
but just the end and not the beginning of scars?
Run your fingers across them and feel the truth
they have caught in the story
of their healing.  Look into my eyes
and dare me not to love this map of my body.

Across the great plains of my body,
there are reminders of the sharp edges
I caught off his tongue-- his eyes
tracing paths for future scars.
This scar, here, across my heart, is the story
of my 20s and how I learned the truth

of him and how his lies weren’t my truth.
And, if you read the crooked line of my body,
you’ll see I was my Mother’s favorite sad story.
My brother and I caught at the edges
of her own self-despised scars.
How I would hate to see her life through her eyes.

How I would hate to wish my own eyes
plucked out and unable to find a grain of truth
to the victories found in this kingdom of scars.
I refuse to look at my own body
and find fault with this territory of edges.
I refuse to deny the joy as well as the sorrow in my story.

We are nothing without our story.
There are trials and treasures, both, caught in our eyes--
stretched out through jagged and smooth-worn edges.
I will not hide my truth
Beneath the bulky fabric meant to shame a body.
Sunlight will not be denied my scars.

My edges are a beautiful story,
but I had to learn to read these scars with new eyes.
It is worth it to know the truth of the life lived
                                                                                      in this body.

Please note: Best of the Knight is not a ranking of the top 10 pieces, just a selection of such.

BEST OF THE KNIGHT 2018 #3 - Waiting Out the Winter by Jeff Kosiba

from "Halcyon Code" by Jeff Kosiba

Purchase "Halcyon Code" $10

The soft evocative and unspoken parallels of perfume

mask all manner of unforeseen, ill-fated experiences.

The wise man who carried the gold and followed
the star of Bethlehem

wrote that the desperate man does things
a rational man would not.

He also stated to love and worship your cats
as though they were Kings,

as we are not fully prepared for the significance of cats

in our lives until our death.

Put it on my tab, its payable upon death.

In life, the only things you can hope for are:

A loyal cat, a good carpenter, a reliable compass

and a sympathetic jury.

Code name: Ice Station Zebra

Please note: Best of the Knight is not a ranking of the top 10 pieces, just a selection of such.