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Spinning Plates - This Joust In Vol 1, Issue 7

I'm behind on some things.

My current project is transforming the old sales pages for the books into the new sales pages.  The site is like brackish water, a little salty, a little bit fresh.  All the buttons work on all of the pages as far as I know, I just want to make the sales pages a bit more uniform.  The changes aren't even hard to make, its just a lot of steps to remember and sometimes I forget them.  I'll get everything changed over eventually and you all will probably start seeing non-Writing Knights books in The Pawn Shop as we are going to branch (first online, then brick and mortar) into making some purchases happen to generate income.

I started a 9-5 job in July.  This means I've had less time to devote to Writing Knights.  We are still doing our monthly shows (just added a second show in Kent on 4th Wednesdays, but generally it seems like I'm only able to get substantive work done to the site on weekends.

The reason I bring this up, is not to bitch. In fact, I feel blessed to have so many projects.  I've even got more than this.  

In my personal writing, I'm finishing up the next Dragon's Bane Series novel, Indigo Inquest, which I hope will be out by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

The card game "Cycle of War" which has a story line based in the Dragon's Bane Universe is my next creative project once that is done.  Add to that the "When an Orc Loves a Woman" romance.

I am trying to figure out how to put together Fat Guy Yoga episodes again.  I've got a few backlogged that need edited, but I'm hesitant to do that until I have some new episodes to throw in.

Even THIS isn't all.  I've got a few more projects I don't even want to mention until I've started them and gotten some legs under them.

It is a real blessing to have so much to work on, even if it feels overwhelming at times.  I'm trying to triage, booking shows and sWord Fights tied for number one on the list. Those are the only things that have a solid deadline associated with them.  Making books comes next, there aren't really deadlines to get them out, but I'm trying to be courteous to authors who have put their faith in me.

All this around making sure I get some exercise every day to keep everything running smoothly and trying to experience stories, whether online or from books.

This is just meant to be a slice of life newsletter.  Add us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay apprised of our progression. If you want to talk to us online, add WK Pressman.

Azriel Johnson, Director

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