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Fried Everything & Booze by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

Published August 13, 2019

Chapbook - 48 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 978-1088941508
we got a little liquored
at the old opera house and
went parking on the west pond dam
windows down, radio blaring
as bold as back when, and laughed
at coyotes calling to classic rock
-- coyote calls

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Wanda Morrow Clevenger wrote eight poems in a handful of months in 1974; thirty-four years later she returned to writing. She has since placed over 467 pieces of work in 158 print and electronic literary journals and anthologies.

In August of 2013, while compiling the manuscript for this book she fell ill with pancreatitis, further complicated by necrosis in the following nine months, and wasn’t expected to survive. One year later, almost to the day, she sat down to finish where the hogs ate the cabbage.

She has her husband to thank for the title.

Return of the Knight! - This Joust In: Vol 2, Issue 1

FIRST of six

I want to apologize for the lack of communication on the Hiatus front.
It was not my intention to fall so far behind on Writing Knights-related business.
But I make no excuses. I was burnt out. I should have handled things better.
I may have irreparably damaged some relationships with some really good writers and really good friends.
That's something I need to accept and atone for if possible.

SECOND of six

We are planning to open submissions in July.
Obviously, we will not be doing a Grand Tournament in the sense of having a get together and performers in the same room.
I'm in China. Most of you are quarantined.
I am batting around the idea of doing a combination, chapbook/video submission competition, but no concrete plans yet.
Ahead of opening book submissions, I have an anthology submission idea though related to our current crisis which I will unveil June 1st-ish.

THIRD of six

We are getting our books in order.
We are catching up on the tabulation of royalties and will let published authors
know how much we owe them and asking for their Paypal information
so we can give them what they are due.
Our plan moving forward is to make sure we stay on top of that tabulation
and make sure our authors get their royalties better than they have been,
even if the amount is paltry.

FOURTH of six

If you look at: WK on Amazon! (and turn off your Adblock), you'll see rows upon rows of our books.
WK is involved with the Amazon Affiliate program and we are trying to prove our worth.
Yes, Amazon is the "Evil-Book-Empire," but if we make it into the Affiliate program we can do more
and gain more $$ to do more things for our authors, including one day possibly having our own printer system
and we can break free from Amazon corporate machine.

Speaking of that visit
You can get exclusive access to not only the Writing Knights full library
(books sent to you every month AND weekly expert help with your own writing).

FIFTH of six

We are going to work out how to get our books into e-book formats
that can be used on Kindle, Nook and other e-readers.
This is project is in its infancy, but with some practice we will be able to produce older titles
as well as our new releases once we start rolling those out.

SIXTH of six

Over the month of June we will be OFFICIALLY releasing a number of titles
(some of the books have been soft released, but we want to give them the proper fan faire).
Some are not solidified yet, but we are in talks with many authors.
Four of the titles we will officially release...
 -- The perfect bound versions of the two Writing Knights Birthday chapbooks,
Little Fire Grows by Casey Krysztofik
and Getting Through Gold Beach by Barbara A. Meier.
 -- PUNATIC by James Schwartz.
 -- Fried Everything & Booze by Wanda Morrow Clevenger.

We will also be in talks with other authors, mostly those with a history with Writing Knights.

That's it for now! Another update... soon...?
Stay tuned!
Azriel Johnson