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Lucid Brightenings by Jen Pezzo

Published April 13, 2014
Chapbook - 30 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 978-1499105797
"a subtle story of female power
from within a woman
who knows more
than she will ever tell"

-- Jean Brandt

$10.00 USD

(plus FREE PDF)

About the author:
Jen Pezzo is a poet, and an Editorial Assistant for "The Eternal Snow: An Anthology of Poems Originating from Yuyu Sharma's Works, Readings and Workshops". In addition to her writing, she is a professional photographer; runs and coordinates a monthly open mic called "Akron Night Murmurs" that showcases local poets and musicians; is currently the feature performance poet with the band Serene; and is also a board member of the Barberton Gallery of Fine Art.

Last Chance for Rain by Sharon Frye

Published April 5, 2014
Chapbook - 26 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 9781497423718

"I am not content
to leave syllables
whispers from sage
in twilight sleep:

"I carve
on cavern walls
hieroglyphs of
moonblood, birth.
I paint meringue clouds
rocket fire,
blue mayhem,
fossil butte...

speak my signature,
voice aquiver."

- Prelude, Voice Aquiver

$10.00 USD

(plus FREE PDF)

About the author:
Sharon Frye is a poet living in Northern Oklahoma. She enjoys photography as well as writing; it is her photo featured on the cover of this book.