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Book Submissions are CLOSED

Wayward Sword Submissions are CLOSED
Until further notice, all submissions are closed.
Writing Knights Press actively fights against:
racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

We also understand that people may have made mistakes in the past.
We won't judge authors for past transgressions,
but we will take note in case those transgressions
are not in the past.
Email Address:
Email Subject:
     "Submission - Pen Name"
Email Body:
     Pen name - Legal name; Email Address; Intended Release (Chapbook, Full Length, Mixed Media); Title of Collection; Titles of Pieces.

Also, please answer these questions
(submissions made without the inclusion of these questions/answers will be discarded unread):
1. Have you read a Writing Knights Press book before? Which book(s)? What did you think of the aesthetic, the content?
Note - Honest answers are encouraged. You do not have to like the book you read to be accepted to Writing Knights Press.

2. What lead you to submit to Writing Knights Press?
Note - Please provide a website or the person who suggested you send us your work.

3. What is your intended promotion strategy?
Note - Also, for your intended promotion strategy, please have something more than just "I'll post it on my Facebook/Twitter." Yes, do this, but plan to do some readings (or make videos for YouTube). We know it's hard (especially during the pandemic), but if you don't believe in your work enough to take that step, why should we?

4. If you are rejected, do you want a critique or just the rejection?
Note - Critiques will not be extensive, we will probably just tell you things we liked about your submission in general, less what we didn't like unless it was glaringly repugnant.

5. Where can you be found online?
Note - This includes social media, blogs and online articles. Basically if it's you and it's online, we'd like to know.


Email Attachment:
     Manuscript - .DOC (97-2003) files Accepted ONLY.

     8.5" x 11" with 1" margins.
     Books may be poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction and/or visual art.
     Up to 25 page sample: any combination of Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction & Visual Art.
Note - If there are any issues with the file format, contact Writing Knights before submitting.

If there are images in the manuscript, DO NOT embed the images in the manuscript (ask us how to denote where each image should be placed). Please attach all image files as: JPG (300 dpi) separately.
-- NOTE -- If the images are not attached separately, we will consider rejecting the manuscript because taking the images out of a manuscript, making them into usable images then replacing them into the final manuscript is annoying. If you as the author cannot respect our time as publisher, why would we give our time to your work? --

(i.e. cover letters, other examples of writing from other manuscripts, etc. Your answers to the questions will serve as your "cover letter" cluttering up your email to us with additional information will lead to immediate rejection)



INQUIRIES: We are unlikely to respond to inquiries outside of the months of January-February or July-August. We recommend just following the directions here and submitting the work during our submission periods.
     We endeavor to publish any and all accepted submissions within 1 year of acceptance. However, we will not publicize a set schedule as our life outside of publishing is chaotic and easily changeable. We will inform the author as soon as possible if, for some reason, we cannot publish an accepted manuscript.

Types of Submissions:
     Chapbook (24-50 pg, 5" x 8" pages);
     Full-Length (100+ pg, 5" x 8" pages);
     Mixed Media  (24-48 pg, 8.5" x 11" pages).

     We can utilize different lengths and sizes of pages on a case by case basis.


The Wayward Sword Submissions:
The Hero with a Thousand Faces - (Haiku)
CRUSHED - (Fiction)

I Know a Place - (Poetry)


Simultaneous and Multiple Submissions:
     Accepted, but let us know if the piece(s) are accepted elsewhere when they are submitted.
Submit multiple submissions in one email.

Previously Published Submissions:
Individual pieces included in a manuscript are acceptable, republishing of full manuscripts originally published by other presses can be done with written permission from the previous press, but the previous publication must be OUT OF PRINT and no longer available in any medium. If we discover the publication still available, we will terminate our agreement and keep any royalties accrued.


After Sample Acceptance:
     Writing Knights will send an Author's Guide which will tell you everything we need and expect from you as an author.


Length of Publication:
     The book will be in print indefinitely with a Kindle E-book option made available eventually.


     We do not have contracts yet, we're working on that. For now we deal with a good faith agreement.


     10 author copies.
Royalties to be discussed privately.


Author Copies:
     Cost + $1.00 + Shipping
Note - Shipping per book reduces as additional books are purchased.