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Rust & Blood -- Dragon's Bane Series: Book 2 by Azriel Johnson

Published December 31, 2016
Novel - 348 pages, 6" x 9", ISBN: 9781541383791
Aurora Gerstung, mother of John Ross, is approached for an interview by a reporter from Bellato. She delves into the story of her life with the back drop of the war between Dragons and Humans.

Young Aurora embarks on a difficult journey to find her boyhood crush. Later, she struggles between forbidden love and loyalty to her family and Humanity. In a final showdown, she faces a foe who can control the minds of those around him.

$20.00 USD

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About the author:
Azriel Johnson is cautiously optimistic about the future of the Human race, Dragons or no. He believes in prophecy and the Dragon's Bane Series comes straight from a part of himself he believes probably exists... somewhere....

Crazytown by Peggy Schimmelman

Published December 31, 2016
Chapbook - 58 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 9781541337527
Mom cowering upstairs / after
the beating / she grasping
the hammer / twelve years
of Sunday School / and still she
was torn / between honoring
her father / and killing him.

Peggy Schimmelman's book, "Crazytown", offers an honest and perceptive look at some of the harsh realities of life. Her poignant perspective on the fallout of relationships and the interior wrestling match between our thoughts, desires and emotions is metaphorically expressed in her poems. This is a powerful book that is destined to have an impact on all who read it.

Kevin N. Gunn - Poet Laureate, Livermore


$10.00 USD

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About the author:
Peggy Schimmelman is the author of the novel Whippoorwills and the novella One Day You're a Diamond. Her work has appeared in, Aleola, PacificReview, Comstock Review, Kind of a Hurricane Press, and others. She is currently working on a second novella and a collection of flash fiction.

When Science Collapses by Christopher Hivner

Published December 31, 2016
Chapbook - 40 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 978154133723
Find another layer,
go deeper
to before I knew you,
to thoughts I had
as a young man,
pull up those bones,
crush them between your teeth
to bathe in the marrow,
find out
what you think
made me the way I am.


$10.00 USD

(plus FREE PDF)

About the author:
Christopher Hivner writes from a small town in Pennsylvania surrounded by books and the echoes of music.
Facebook: Christopher Hivner - Author
Twitter: @Your_screams

if the moon was right by Marc Mannheimer

Published December 31, 2016
Chapbook - 36 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 978-1541188006
"like Ghandian gangstas

they inspect the stones
test their feet
on the sun-hot, steel rail

decide to venture
the fence beyond,
a feathery posse
who appear now as
bandmates -
British mods, boy beats,
New York glams, L.A. punks"
- totem 

$10.00 USD

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About the author:
Marc Mannheimer's impetus behind writing "if the moon was right" was to compose a poetic autobiography. From a Charlie Brown childhood to late-teen psychiatric indigestion and a Renaissance in his prime, this book just about covers it all.

Sophistimicated by Jonathan Thorn

Published November 21, 2016
Chapbook - 32 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 9781539898993
Why can't everyone speak Jon?
Dude, It's the awesomest
language that is...
Somewhere crossing
An 80s cartoons
And a sophistimicated
Liberal apologist.
I'm sorry, I like Jon.
You know
Jon is rooted in Hebrew
Jonathan meaning friend
So, dude, who would not want to speak

$10.00 USD

(plus FREE PDF)

About the author:
Jonathan Thorn is a stay at home dad, working at a grocery store, and living in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and five children. He has always loved writing. For him, poetry is an outlet that allows expression of his vision of the world.

Cannons, Muskets and Broken Pens by Cher Guevara

Published November 16, 2016
Double Chapbook - 60 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 978-1539748151
"In a thousand different cities;
Standing up
And sharing poetry
With the zeal and lust
Of hellfire preachers
And angry rioters.

I want poetry to be alive and dangerous again."

- Hopes of a Young American Poet

"One last fix
Of powder and steel.
One last time
Where "The Mercy Seat"
Is mutter in prayer
To short-circuit electric hands.
Last march out;
March as brothers,
Charge as brothers,
Fall as brothers."

- Last Look Across the Burning Field

$10.00 USD
Double Chapbook

(plus FREE PDF)

About the author:
Cher Guevara has become a mainstay in the emerging Terre Haute poetry scene where their hardcore verse and often intense performances have drawn praise and condemnation. Their work has been published in a wide variety of publications and they have released three albums of their live performances.

Sitting Up With the Dead by Allen Berry

Published November 13, 2016
Chapbook - 34 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 9781539939955
There is no style in a self-painted
Thanatopsis someone else
will have to clean up.

This is supposed to be poetic.
It's supposed to mean something,
to make the world split open and
everyone take notice,
think for a moment: "wow, that was art."

- Deconstruction

$10.00 USD

(plus FREE PDF)

About the author:
Allen Berry is a poet, teacher, environmentalist, and avid fan of Jazz and Film Noir. He is a 2013 Ph.D. graduate of the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi and the author of: Travel for Agoraphobics and Distractions and Illusions. Prior to attending USM, he received a Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. In 2001 he founded the Limestone Dust Poetry Festival and served as the president of the Board of Directors until 2006. He currently lives, works, writes, and hikes in Huntsville, AL, his adopted hometown. This is his third collection of poetry.

The Way We Were by CLS Ferguson and J.C. Jones

Published November 11, 2016
Chapbook - 38 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 9781539900542
"Crystal Lane Swift and J.C. Jones create a stirring conversation through poetry: a quest for love, connection, and how to best grow into harmonious individuals in such reckless times."
- Rich Ferguson, Push Cart Nominated Poet

"This powerful call and response collection of poetry by Crystal Lane Swift and J.C. Jones is a vivid look into the "modern terrain of loneliness seeking connection, raw and tender." - Ellyn Maybe, Los Angeles based Poet

$10.00 USD

(plus FREE PDF)

About the authors:
Crystal Lane Swift "CLS" Ferguson, PhD speaks, signs, acts, publishes, sings, performs, writes, paints, professes, and rarely relaxes. Her portrayal of The Black Rose in Silence, which she also co-wrote and produced, earned her a best actress award and a best film award. Her music video, Secrets & Lies earned accolades on the indie film circuit. She is published in numerous academic and literary journals. Her poetry collection, "God Bless Paul" is out on Rosedog Books. She and her husband, Rich are raising their daughter, Evelyn and their Bernese Mountain Border Collie Mutt, Sadie in Alhambra, CA.

J.C. Jones believes he did something amazing in another life, because he is blessed with good luck. He has been many things, his favorite is being daddy. He hopes you enjoyed reading his words. Perhaps, he will write you some more.

Don't Try Me: Fragments and Flesh-Masks by Bethany W. Pope

Published October 18, 2016
Chapbook - 50 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 9781539386438
Open a body ... Open the organs ...
Open the cells ... Open the DNA ...
Open the molecules ... Open the atoms ...
Open the protons, neutrons,
and electrons and you find
sub-atomic structures
that do very strange things

If you are a stranger,
it isn't polite to worry
at someone's nethers.
This is where a lot of dogs
get in trouble.

Crow and Coyote
bartered over the thorny throne of Death.
Crow won. Crow was a god. Crow was no god.

$10.00 USD

(plus FREE PDF)

About the author:
Bethany is a recently naturalized citizen of the United Kingdom. She is author of numerous short and long collections including "The Gospel of Flies" through Writing Knights Press.

A Garden in the West by Eric Carbenia

Published February 12, 2016
Chapbook - 40 pages, 5.5 x 8.5", ISBN: 9781523925520
I'm in the process of writing about everyone that I know,
You're all in here,
myself included,
if you're looking,
this is where you can stop.

$7.77 USD

(plus FREE PDF)

About the author:
Eric Carbenia is the lead singer of progressive rock band Firmament

I Speak Hick by Alexis-Rueal

Published February 11, 2016
Full Length - 98 pages, 6" x 9", ISBN: 9781523961191
"I remember Kentucky. More like, dream of Kentucky....
I remember enough to know what I left behind."

-- "What We Remember (haibun)"

$15.00 USD
Full Length

(plus FREE PDF)

About the author:
Alexis-Rueal was born in Kentucky, raised in Marion, Ohio, and has been a fixture in the Columbus, Ohio poetry scene since 2011. Since moving to Columbus, she has authored the chapbooks "Letter to 20," (Poet's Haven Press) and "According to the Results," (Writing Knights Press) along with performing at festivals and venues throughout Ohio. In 2013, she competed at the National Poetry Slam as a member of the Writers' Block Slam Team.

She won the Writing Knights Grand Tournament IV in 2015.

Secular, Satirical & Sacred Meditations by James Schwartz

Published January 11, 2016
Chapbook - 36 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 9781523384846
Land of lapping lakes,
Peninsula, / & / Pine.
Alexis de Tocqueville,
Frontiersmen, / & / Forefathers.

Detroit flood, / & / Detroit debt,
Our kingdom for a drop of water.

-- A Drop of Water

Secular, Satirical & Sacred Meditations examines the role of the poet in the current Age of Terror. By turn "Secular, Satirical & Sacred Meditations" includes both political ("Je Suis Charlie", "A Drop of Water") and personal meditations on love, loss, disability, sexuality and the author's Alpine/ Alsace Amish heritage. Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

$10.00 USD

(plus FREE PDF)

About the author:
Schwartz's poetry has been published by various poetry journals including Poetry 24, Politiku, @7x20, Babel: The Multilingual Multicultural Online Journal, The New Verse News, Nostrovia! Poetry, piecejournal and Silver Birch Press blog.

His book, The Literary Party: Growing Up Gay and Amish in America, was published by inGroup Press in 2011 and poetry in Among the Leaves: Queer Male Poets on the Midwestern Experience (2012), Milk and Honey Siren eBook (2013), The Squire: Page-A-Day Poetry Anthology 2015, Writing Knights Press 2014 Anthology, QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology (2015) and Alpine Suite (2013), Poetry 4 Food 2 (2013), Poetry 4 Food 3 (2014), Arrival and Departure (2014) chapbooks and FourPlays.

Most recently, essays by Schwartz have appeared in RFD Magazine, The Good Men Project, Best of Books by the Bed 2 anthology (2014) and a short story in Jonathan: A Journal of Queer Male Fiction (2014). He resides in Michigan.