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Don't Try Me: Fragments and Flesh-Masks by Bethany W. Pope

Published October 18, 2016
Chapbook - 50 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", ISBN: 9781539386438
Open a body ... Open the organs ...
Open the cells ... Open the DNA ...
Open the molecules ... Open the atoms ...
Open the protons, neutrons,
and electrons and you find
sub-atomic structures
that do very strange things

If you are a stranger,
it isn't polite to worry
at someone's nethers.
This is where a lot of dogs
get in trouble.

Crow and Coyote
bartered over the thorny throne of Death.
Crow won. Crow was a god. Crow was no god.

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About the author:
Bethany is a recently naturalized citizen of the United Kingdom. She is author of numerous short and long collections including "The Gospel of Flies" through Writing Knights Press.