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Dangerous Submissions -- The Wayward Sword

Published January 19, 2017
Mixed Media Anthology - 40 pages, 8.5" x 11", ISBN: 9781542582612
We asked those who submitted to show us what is dangerous...

They did.

See their blood, sweat, tears, shit, mucus, broken bones, stitched hearts, brains ripped to shreds.

$15.00 USD
Mixed Media Anthology


About the author:
Mark Antony Rossi -- Grant Tarbard -- Dr. Irum Alvi -- Lynn White -- Michael Karl (Richie) -- Michael McInnis -- Thasia Lunger -- James Schwartz -- Jonathan Thorn -- Rollo Nye -- Annika Lindok -- Sheena Zilla -- Strider Marcus Jones -- J.M. Romig -- Thomas Fucaloro -- Chris Stewart -- Craig Firsdon -- Geoffrey A. Landis -- Matthew Rempe -- Chelan Riebe -- Priscilla Alarconn -- Shabab Nahian Kabir

Hack by Azriel Johnson with Photography by Jonathan Laslo

Published January 2, 2017
Mixed Media - 48 pages, 8.5" x 11", ISBN: 9781541173811
This diamond-sharp experiment with theme and variations cuts to the heart of Azriel Johnson's focus in forceful, intense strokes.

Watch especially how he exploits the sonnet form. Johnson doesn't pander: as a poet, he's the real deal.
-- Mary Turzillo,
winner of the SFPA Elgin Award for "Lovers & Killers" (2013)

Jonathan captures exactly with his photographs exactly what I had in mind with my poetry for this collection.
-- Azriel Johnson
$15.00 USD
Mixed Media
(Free PDF with Purchase)

About the author:
Azriel Johnson is the Director of Operations for Writing Knights Press, hosting occasional showcases in North East Ohio.

He was a member of the 2014 Lake Effect Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam team, 2016 Lake Effect National Poetry Slam team.

He is a wordsmith in many aspects of the craft including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, stage plays and songs.

His current words of wisdom: "People like to dress up their words with labels like 'poetry'. Just write baby, just write."